Financial services are better and better

Home just built a new house, the Department of Town Village, Linhai cards before the villagers Zheng Zhi Cai got 10 million in loans for renovation, took credit certificates moment, the dark stout farmer smiling eyes narrowed in a crack. On this day, Tyrone bank consisting of eight members of Linhai Daejeon small businesses franchise branch “party, Financial Services Volunteer Force” brand came before the village, including Zheng Zhi to color, including 30 villagers brought credit certificates, the amount of up to 20 million and also at least 20,000.

The business community to develop new markets, Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” is always at the head; holidays, Stallone still stick to their posts. Today, under the leadership of party members Duomingtailong 2100, more than 200 Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” active service in the first line of small and micro agriculture for small business owners, farmers and citizens sent to a professional, convenient financial services.

Under the leadership of party committees, party building Stallone also lead to corporate social responsibility, around caring society, caring for others, caring nature of the three themes, launched the “inclusive finance”, “student assistant”, “helping the poor” and “social volunteers” etc. four series of volunteer activities, continue to promote the development of public welfare.

Cultivate young party members, party building is to enhance the strength of Tyrone “secrets.” Party members average age of less than 28-year-old Tyrone, Tyrone Party initiative to adapt to the characteristics of young party members, always concerned about the growth of young party members. Tyrone adhere to the “priority to recruiting Party members, priority training, priority to develop” working mechanism to open up a “red channel” recommendation from mass organizations, administrative recommendation, the masses recommendation developed an outstanding member. Currently, Tyrone managers, nearly half of the party members. In addition, according to Tyrone Party youth party members strengths and interests, set up more than 40 cultural clubs, youth established party group.

There will be “pre-cancellation period” after the cancellation of credit card

During this time difference inside, this was canceled cards can actually come up to brush, if unknown to the cardholder that the card will be canceled arbitrarily throw away, then there is still the possibility of stolen brushes, but also for the this bear the loss. Similarly, pre-term cancellation of the card, the same can be carried out online transactions, but also to enter the transfer card.

In this light, the card pre-cancellation period is not safe, we can understand. That is why the time to apply for cancellation of bank staff stressed to destroy the card, or destruction of magnetic stripe, that is, for this reason. Moreover, behind the card verification codes and personal signature, also can not leak.

Thus, the bank set up a pre-cancellation period considered user-friendly, but also both advantages and disadvantages, in particular the bank party does not emphasize this point, easy for cardholders careless.

Card Friends of Mike personal experience tells us that the pre-cancellation of really bad. Since last week, Li is not careful, the other credit cards to repay the money transfer through Paypal, go to their pre-cancellation period credit cards. Mike usually habitually use Alipay arrears, because the operation is very convenient. For convenience, he put all of their cards are bound Alipay. And after binding card, it is to display only the last four digits of the card number. More than one card, it is inevitable confusion. Then, just after a lapse of more than a month, it would have to repay the debt of other cards, but also to give the logout card. After cancellation also receive SMS bank card, to react.

Silver price has soared over 40% in the first half year

Data show that the international price of gold has been rising for five consecutive weeks, yesterday’s Asian market trading at $ 1350 / ounce trading, or more than 27% this year. Stronger gold price also ignited the silver bulls crazy mood yesterday morning the Asian plate, the international spot silver up on the probe to $ 21.119 / ounce, after rapidly is pulled back. Although soaring plunge, but silver performance is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the precious metal. In the past two days, the international spot silver rose exceeded 10%, this year rose more than 40%, Kuangshuai other precious metals.

Thailand Futures Ltd. Xuwen Yu researcher told the “Securities” reporter, “after the British referendum off the European market significantly increased demand for hedging, the market expected the Fed to raise interest rates this year, not even cut interest rates, the world’s major central banks to continue easing greater efforts to hedge against economic zone to uncertainty in the market to buy commodities to hedge against expected inflation. a significant decline in US Treasury yield curve, which increased silver and other precious metals investment demand. ”

One investor Nanjing Mr. Xu told reporters, among the many precious metals, the price of silver is undervalued, so in the long run, greater upside potential, “Compared with gold, silver prices have greater volatility in the silver market capacity small, speculative is also higher. “

Promote healthy development of private investment

In recent years, the State Council has promulgated a series of measures to ease the financing difficulties of small micro-enterprise financing your problem, it has yielded positive results, but financing difficulties of financing remains one of your strongest private enterprises of the problem.

In order to guide banking institutions and services of private enterprises, especially private enterprises in the small and micro enterprises, the China Banking Regulatory Commission had last year conventional banking small micro-enterprise financial services solely focused on loan growth and incremental, “not less than two” to ” not less than three, “that is, from the growth of loans, the number of households and the rate of loan application to obtain three dimensional study of corporate loan growth, increasing bank intentions service quality and coverage of small and micro enterprises is obvious. From the data provided by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, as of the end of 2015, the balance of the national small and micro business loans 23.5 trillion yuan, achieve the “three no less than” goal.

A large bank official says, we are not only in full accordance with the national requirements and regulatory policies to support private enterprises, but will also support private enterprises as an important direction for future restructuring and development.

However, the reality is still not optimistic. “A lot of good for our loan policy is not clear, consultation, but said some banks being investigated.” A small business owners told reporters. In addition, the “water” in the case of some banks exist in the statistical data Shihai small micro-enterprise loans.

Elevator safety liability insurance

City North Market Supervisory Authority special supervision department staff told reporters, from a practical point of view throughout the country, trapped in an elevator when the incident occurred, “so we added a special compensation provisions trapped in the elevator.” Provisions, residents trapped in 40 minutes to a half an hour in an elevator will receive compensation of 200 yuan, more than a half hour can be awarded 400 yuan (such as charts). The city of North elevator liability insurance coverage by the Chinese People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch. After residents of danger, should promptly call the police rescue call, and call the insurance company’s service hotline 95518 to report. Site survey in the insurance company, the loss is determined after the end of the program, etc., in the case of complete claim documents within 7 days of closing payment, indemnity directly into the account designated by the residents.

Reporters learned that the elevator especially the elevator safety the main responsibility for common property is not clear, often leading to elevator safety management, maintenance, etc. can not timely implementation, often passing the buck after the accident, injury or death is not timely paid. Meanwhile, the maintenance market throat price competition, leading to maintenance is not standardized, the rescue is not timely. More complicated is the use of public maintenance fund elevator security risks, the procedures are complicated and lengthy process, the views of the owners difficult to reach agreement, resettlement housing, housing reform and so did not pay the elevator maintenance funds have a problem is more difficult to pull clear. Implementation of elevator safety liability insurance, will be well dispersed and transfer risks, and enhance the ability to pay, can guarantee the smooth development of payment and so on when the aftermath of accidents.

Municipal Quality Supervision staff told reporters, elevator safety liability insurance is crucial for promoting the safety of the elevator, it is actually a social security elevator safety relief mechanism. Provisions on insurance, in the “People’s Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law” Article XVII presents an incentive policy is to encourage the national special equipment safety liability insurance coverage. However, the current situation throughout the country to promote the point of view, and use his own expense take the enthusiasm is not high, a small number of insured elevator.

Take care of both income security and mobility

“Use of venture capital from the historical experience, the existence of a sound corporate governance structure to promote the role and function of the capital market will help promote the development and improvement. As for venture capital game between Stakeholders, payable in the leading the market mechanism to measure. “China Securities Law Research Association Deputy Secretary-General Zheng BCR accept the” Securities Daily “interview.

BCR Zheng said that the use of venture capital must first take into account the profitability, safety and liquidity. Especially the volume of venture capital is usually relatively large, so we must be well the three unified. Thus, the capital market has become the best platform, relatively large, relatively stable earnings of listed companies has become a subject can be a priority.

“Coupled with economic restructuring background and environment, such as on the subject of our existing capital markets are not too many banks, and real estate is preferred having greater necessity. In addition, the use of risk capital must withstand test of legitimacy, legal norms must be run under the constraints under which the rule of law. “BCR Zheng told reporters.

Xia Jun, general manager of investment in Guangzhou Huang Jianfei accept the “Securities Daily” reporters, he said that the insurance company needs equity asset allocation in more urgent than ever. Since the rate of return of financial products to promote its various folk tend to be more high, money fund products and universal insurance products exist homogenization feature on the expected rate of return, the insurance company needs on the expected rate of return more attractive, it is necessary to increase the proportion of equity assets.

“Policy relaxation to qualified insurance companies provide investment and merger of large blue-chip financial security. According to the relevant provisions of the CIRC, meet the requirements of the insurance companies, the ceiling for investment in a single blue chips accounted for by the end of the quarter, the total assets of 5 percent to 10 percent; investment equity assets ratio of 30% upper limit can be further blue chip holdings, asset balances equity holdings after no more than 40% of total assets at the end of last quarter, “Huang Jianfei representation.

An important implication from the central bank

Offshore renminbi / dollar fell 0.2 percent to 6.6909, the dollar index rose in early New York trading, emerging market currencies and other risky assets primarily under increasing pressure; offshore renminbi currently only about 1% of the distance from the lowest level in 2016.

USD / offshore renminbi in June 30 record high of 6.7021 days, because there were reports that China’s central bank is willing to let the yuan before the end of the year fell to 6.8; exploration January 7 year reached 6.70 Powei may push the dollar / offshore yuan on highs 6.7618.

Analysis of the yuan central parity, “the day before the closing rate + a basket of currencies exchange rate changes,” the formation mechanism visible, the current central parity mechanism itself has played a filter to devalue, smoothing fluctuation effect. Since mid-February to July 4, 16:30 renminbi daily closing price the day most of the time than the weaker central parity, the cumulative depreciation of 2879 basis points, reflecting the downward pressure on market supply and demand-driven; the same period, the actual central parity accumulated depreciation of only 1158 bps.

OCBC Bank in Singapore economist Xie Dongming said that the current central parity mechanism has a smoothing effect, but can not seem to change Yindie yuan, and this will lead to unilateral fell devaluation pressure can not be completely digested. Administrative control, although government hopes to postpone purchase of foreign demand, is expected to wait for two-way volatility is formed to ease the purchase of foreign pressure, but if the actual market situation is not expected direction, will become “warm boiled frog” situation.

Most worthy currency in the world

From the hour chart trend, the dollar index continued adjustment section inside since June 24 run on a pullback to the 95.30 dollar index trading positions eligible for support steady rise, days still need to focus on the recent range along the resistance, the dollar index short-term there will still be strong again before their breakthrough. The main idea is in line with the recent direction of the dollar index is still weeks it further to see more and do more planning.

From the strength of the currency, the yen has continued yesterday’s rally yesterday, the strongest currency This is it; the euro, the Swiss franc to run Xianyanghouyi pattern, performance was down rhythm, and therefore classified as moderate Australian and Canadian dollars as well as a significant decline in the pound, these three currency pairs is the weakest currency markets; currency strength.

EUR / USD daily chart shock rhythm whereabouts since May 3 good, the previous trading day the euro rebounded Difficult to close out a big Yinxian, limiting further expand the recent rebound in space. With further enhance the euro rebound kinetic energy, the future continues to break recently hit a low probability of further increases. From the hour chart trend, the euro / dollar since June 24 has been oversold bounce pattern running during operation has been repeatedly demonstrated strong continuity of poor operating characteristics, it is conducive to further expand the space next fall. The previous trading day, the euro rebounded to 1.1185 resistance down, because of the current euro zone still can not get rid of adjustment since June 24, so the process is still running days there will be some rebound.

Gold and silve have been the best investment items recently

This week, the precious metals market volatility of each investment products accompanied by increased risk aversion warming. Especially in July, the price of silver came from behind gold prices picked up the pace, gold and silver prices fall rapidly than appears, or implied begin mid-reversal.

Message from the current perspective, the reasons for the current round of rising prices of gold and silver can be analyzed from the following three aspects. First, the Fed’s recent meeting was more cautious than the market expected, suggesting interest rates during the year time nodes may be delayed, which also makes the one hand from the Fed show for future economic recovery process concerns. Affected by the dollar index certain degree of decline, while gold and silver prices to give medium-term support.

Second, the end of June, the British off the European referendum the market in an uproar, panic suddenly warming. As the day of June 24, the international spot gold prices rose 4.75%, to refresh the record highs. At the same time, the market price and then make massive turnover rising point again.

Moreover, from the demand point of view, according to the statistics show that there is a strong seasonal factors affect the price of gold and silver. Into the second half, due to the current precious metal prices have been located in historic lows, while the year eight ninety-three month is precious metal sales season, therefore, physical demand blowout may have been ahead of the market’s reaction.

Gold price has reached the highest level in the past five days

After the British off the European referendum, gold bulls won new “policy.” In fact, although the market about the Fed rate hike heard the voice, but this year the cumulative gold rose more than 28%, indeed called beautiful comeback.

The industry believes that: Although gold up a lot, but with a record high of $ 1900 / ounce compared, there is a lot of space. Now, gold is moving away more than three years of bear market, he looked into the Dallas City.

HSBC Bank (HSBC) on Tuesday released a report that will be raised to an ounce on the 2016 average gold price of $ 1275, while the 2017 average price forecast raised to 1310 dollars per ounce. In addition, the bank expects 2018 gold will average US $ 1270.

State Street Global Advisors (State Street Global Advisors) Asia-Pacific vice president and ETF gold expert Robin Tsui, said in an interview, even if the Fed will raise interest rates again in December this year into account, the price of gold may still end up to an ounce 1400- $ 1,450. If the Fed does not raise interest rates in December, the price of gold will be higher than this level.

This week’s market focus shifted to the United States, the focus of the event will include the Fed minutes released on Wednesday and the US June non-farm payrolls data on Friday. With Britain out of the EU decision, the market has almost ruled out the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates during the year. The current market for the United States in June Nonfarm employment is expected to be 162,000, if the final result in line with expectations, or compared with the previous values ​​are significantly improved, then this will reassure markets worried about the US economy, but if it still continued weak employment data trend, the market is likely to reassess the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates, and thus will make gold rise again.