Say hi to new winter bags

Compared to the new clothes, new shoes and bags for girls are more lethal, last week made a Zara shoes thematic good feedback, so I quickly put new bags also make persistent efforts to update you popularize.

Chloe give you a look at this year’s autumn and winter romantic aesthetic large advertising, invited Anja Rubik and two supermodel Julia Stegner, the effect is really beautiful photographs, so every time I open a few pictures that will quietly look for a long time ,So beautiful!

Although Hudson is seen as a continuation of pig packages and 15 packages of spring and summer the boats for 14 years, I would think that this package before selling their home and Marcie (pictured right) quite a bit similar. However cowhide material Hudson to 2350 dollars, trumpet Marcie messenger bag as long as 795 dollars.

Not the pursuit of the latest girl into a trumpet Marcie I feel very good, after all, as long as 795 dollars, 5000 to succeed, but also many colors to choose Oh. Queen to look good, not very refined.

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