P2P lending platform attracts more investment

Hope Loan Network is an online P2P lending service Web site, set up in July 2011. Founder and CEO Huozhong Hao, who in 2006 co-founded a web 2.0 company, then worked in Cerberus, Yixin, again in 2011 to start a business.

Hope Credit network supports diverse lending and investment products, such as micro-credit, consumer loans, mortgage loans, secured loans and non-performing loans by the Cinda Asset Management do to ensure.

The lead investor Fangmei Guo Harper (WI HarperGroup), is one of the first to enter the Chinese venture capital company AUM more than one billion dollars. Investment performance including DivX, dozens of listed companies, more than 300 early stage startups. It is understood that ECDC has also invested in China well-known companies, such as founder Jason Jiang of Focus Media, Kai-fu Lee founded Innovation Works, ticket foreman, interconnected world, PayEase other companies.

Peter Liu, chairman of WI Harper said that he was optimistic about the development of Internet banking in China, but also optimistic about the hope loan competitiveness and future potential, convinced hope the loan networks such legal compliance, risk control system operating the coherent platform will be stronger to do Big.

Currently, the average annual net return of hope loans 13.57%, has been launched in cooperation with the China Life, Hollard Insurance, Cinda Asset, Xingcheng agricultural firms, UnionPay. June 2015, net loans and hope kenkyƫ Group to develop a variety of financial products, sustainable development and building a one-stop financial services institutions.

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