Longchamp’s fashion line of new series bags

Longchamp (Longchamp) brand’s classic messenger bag, because of its large capacity, the fans love called dumplings. This classic dumplings called the history of the most comfortable and casual, regardless of Which package type, Longchamp bag models are women out to the streets necessary, stand the test of time.

2015 autumn and winter series, Longchamp Paris Rock launched a new series of fashion upgrade again, even with a touch of glam rock flavor. It has a retro appearance, a row of perforations flip ultra flat, golden leather chain double- and mixed through them. Each individual metal letters together to form a group Longchamp logo.

The series use water sheepskin material, soft texture, surprisingly, brings you the ultimate nature, a sense of the use of soothing relaxation. Paris Rock back series allows you to instantly full of personality, both fashion and classic style, is definitely worth having must-have item. The velvet surface and has a great sense of artistic Paris Rocks Velours series is fashion’s choice, black currant and warm copper color with black nickel-like decorations, these decorations let us indulge in the retro trend , as if time back to the seventies of last century.

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