First self-manufactured pump

“Hualong One” 1st China – made main pump pump shell forgings, castings and forgings production base in our country recently – China First Heavy Industries completed, marking China’s nuclear power equipment and step onto a new level. “Hualong One,” as China’s flagship brand go out of nuclear power, is the only third generation nuclear power technology products have complete independent intellectual property rights. At present, “Hualong One” the first project, the Chinese system for a major re-equipment of all three units of six projects, including the nuclear reactor pressure vessel products, evaporators, the main pump housing, the main channel, and other regulators for China’s nuclear power has made important contributions to the world.

The main pump housing is provided Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Unit 5, China is a heavy product in close cooperation with CNNC, HEC Group. As China’s first “Hualong One” type of reactor demonstration project, the main pump housing is especially thick profiled forgings, sampling locations demanding, complex shape forging, heat treatment is difficult, high performance requirements. China re-established a professional technical staff coordinated operations of the special research team, based on the existing base station forging technology and production experience, and continuously improve the basic process data has tackled high purity steel smelting, forging compacting large cross-section, very large cross-section grain refining heat treatment process and other difficulties, effective control of the smelting inclusions to meet the uniform hardness, stable performance and other key technical indicators, the final assessment of the pump casing performance test a success.

China First Heavy Industries is the largest production of steel rolling, metallurgy, forging, power plants, petrochemical and other heavy equipment for the main large-scale machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, the company with independent manufacturing, import substitution as the goal, vigorously promote the construction of nuclear power and nuclear power equipment localization, planning and implementing a series of major technological transformation projects designed to improve nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity.

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