Financial services are better and better

Home just built a new house, the Department of Town Village, Linhai cards before the villagers Zheng Zhi Cai got 10 million in loans for renovation, took credit certificates moment, the dark stout farmer smiling eyes narrowed in a crack. On this day, Tyrone bank consisting of eight members of Linhai Daejeon small businesses franchise branch “party, Financial Services Volunteer Force” brand came before the village, including Zheng Zhi to color, including 30 villagers brought credit certificates, the amount of up to 20 million and also at least 20,000.

The business community to develop new markets, Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” is always at the head; holidays, Stallone still stick to their posts. Today, under the leadership of party members Duomingtailong 2100, more than 200 Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” active service in the first line of small and micro agriculture for small business owners, farmers and citizens sent to a professional, convenient financial services.

Under the leadership of party committees, party building Stallone also lead to corporate social responsibility, around caring society, caring for others, caring nature of the three themes, launched the “inclusive finance”, “student assistant”, “helping the poor” and “social volunteers” etc. four series of volunteer activities, continue to promote the development of public welfare.

Cultivate young party members, party building is to enhance the strength of Tyrone “secrets.” Party members average age of less than 28-year-old Tyrone, Tyrone Party initiative to adapt to the characteristics of young party members, always concerned about the growth of young party members. Tyrone adhere to the “priority to recruiting Party members, priority training, priority to develop” working mechanism to open up a “red channel” recommendation from mass organizations, administrative recommendation, the masses recommendation developed an outstanding member. Currently, Tyrone managers, nearly half of the party members. In addition, according to Tyrone Party youth party members strengths and interests, set up more than 40 cultural clubs, youth established party group.

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