Buying yahoo should be proved by Mozilla

Under the agreement Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Mozilla signed regulations, no matter which company acquired Yahoo, as long as Mozilla think it’s not what you want partner, you can lift the partnership on their own, and the new owner must also be in Yahoo to pay $ 375 million in revenue annually to the Mozilla security payments until 2019.

Meyer and Mozilla in late 2014 signed a cooperation agreement, the content is the Yahoo search Mozilla Firefox browser as default search engine in the United States, among other conditions is one of the terms of the agreement, the above conditions.

In addition to the signing of a cooperation agreement with Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox search engine partner Google. The purpose of this clause is to protect the interests of Mozilla when Yahoo control changed hands is not compromised.

Meyer never thought of such a situation really happen. According to the terms of the agreement the first 9.1 ie provisions on a change of control provisions, if Mozilla found it difficult to accept new partners, it has the right to decide within a certain period of termination of cooperation. If Mozilla really made the decision to terminate the cooperation, even if it was later followed by the new partners to reach a new agreement, Yahoo also have to pay $ 375 million in revenue to the Mozilla security payments annually.

Mozilla really care what the final bid for Yahoo is a company, the development of revenue and search partners is closely related to Mozilla. Before, Mozilla about 90% of revenue comes from cooperation deal it reached with Google. Google to pay Mozilla annual income security deposit is $ 300 million.

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