There will be “pre-cancellation period” after the cancellation of credit card

During this time difference inside, this was canceled cards can actually come up to brush, if unknown to the cardholder that the card will be canceled arbitrarily throw away, then there is still the possibility of stolen brushes, but also for the this bear the loss. Similarly, pre-term cancellation of the card, the same can be carried out online transactions, but also to enter the transfer card.

In this light, the card pre-cancellation period is not safe, we can understand. That is why the time to apply for cancellation of bank staff stressed to destroy the card, or destruction of magnetic stripe, that is, for this reason. Moreover, behind the card verification codes and personal signature, also can not leak.

Thus, the bank set up a pre-cancellation period considered user-friendly, but also both advantages and disadvantages, in particular the bank party does not emphasize this point, easy for cardholders careless.

Card Friends of Mike personal experience tells us that the pre-cancellation of really bad. Since last week, Li is not careful, the other credit cards to repay the money transfer through Paypal, go to their pre-cancellation period credit cards. Mike usually habitually use Alipay arrears, because the operation is very convenient. For convenience, he put all of their cards are bound Alipay. And after binding card, it is to display only the last four digits of the card number. More than one card, it is inevitable confusion. Then, just after a lapse of more than a month, it would have to repay the debt of other cards, but also to give the logout card. After cancellation also receive SMS bank card, to react.

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