Internet financial capital still has more risks

Internet banking is still the capital of the most active industry, a total of 44 companies ENTRY, compared to 2015 increased by 4, the proportion also increased by 1.4 percentage points. TOP10 companies in the list, Internet banking business is accounted for five, including ants gold dress ranked first with $ 60 billion valuation. Ereli analysis, although P2P banking, net loan platform has been controversial, but the development trend of the Internet banking is still good, the future of Internet banking will be vertical, mobility, big data and so direction.

ENTRY electricity supplier industry enterprises is 36, ranked second in all industries. Ereli analysis, along with the rapid development of the Internet in China, e-commerce has been the rapid development of industry from emerging to mature and stable, and have a clear business model, so that this area is still a high degree of concentration of enterprises unicorn industry; from segments 36 ENTRY distribution business enterprise, the mother electricity supplier, electricity supplier for Women, the cross-border electricity suppliers and other vertical areas of rapid development, while electricity supplier mobile trend is obvious; as an important basic services electricity providers in the field of logistics services industry also has nine companies ENTRY.

Car traffic and health care is more concentrated ENTRY business sectors, respectively, 23 and 21 companies ENTRY. And before the development trend of hot O2O service industry in the cold this year, the list were 17 enterprises, more than 2015 decreased 7. Ereli analysis, since 2015, the homogenization of serious, profit model is not clear, the lack of resources under line, funding strand breaks, low user demand and other issues, out of the many local living services O2O enterprises. The capital market O2O industry also tends to calm, throwing money at subsidized conventional endless loop mode the user will be changed only truly future integration of multiple resources, attention to user experience, be able to provide personalized, differentiated services, and clear profit model O2O enterprises can be better and faster development.

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