Four “fashion habits” might harm your health

Fashion can represent many things: exciting clothes and bags, a landmark change in the trend, on the circle and tall. Of course, there is the most important thing: to bring people pleasure. But it must be said, there are some very fashionable habit, if long-term adherence, the body will be damaged.

Perhaps you’ve also heard through the high heels really is damage to the body a very big thing. Torres New York Fitness health experts say, when you wear high heels, feet and torso tilted forward and backward tilt of the body, which allows the spine to withstand tremendous pressure. If a few weeks, months or even years, every day, will change the perception of the body’s movement, and induce toe cramps, leg pain, hip and back pain and other symptoms.

The larger the package, it can hold more stuff, this is a good thing. But Torres said that the uneven distribution of goods in the internal security pressure can cause muscle imbalance, which led to a series of questions about body symmetry (such as the level of the shoulder). Worse, too heavy bag can cause shoulder, neck, spine pain, pressure would be too heavy trunk parts of priority. But here too there is a solution: choose one day one week to let the body relax, you can carry a small bag, do not bring anything heavy, so parts of the body is completely vented state.

The pursuit of too diet slimming effect will slow down the body’s metabolism, which took “Yuejianyuefei”, weight gain road. Torres said that this approach backfired, the end result of fasting is to eat more.

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