Colorful holiday series of bags

Holiday approaching, shopping spree also will come. It is time to develop a list of holiday for family and friends to bring a surprise and pleasure. Furla has extensive family holiday package, as well as to meet the needs of all of the charm. So much temptation, why risk to pick another gift?

Gold and silver in this series will show the most. Furla classic Metropolis series package shall filigree jacquard fabrics, textured fabrics and mirror-polished calf exudes elegant light, with bright metal, feminine filling. Furla will create your unique style, whether it is a holiday or usually are the focus of fashion.

In contrast with the trend of fanaticism, accessories inspired by the cute little pet with a teddy bear, or made of multicolored leather or the like crystal spherical and donut-like fur. Chink accessories for a custom section of the package brings more joy.

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