3 companies voluntarily give up stepping into innovation-layer

Former sponsor (sponsor) at the recommended issuer’s initial public offering and listing, the issuer shall counseling. Sponsors and their representatives should follow due diligence, the principles of honesty, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of prudent examination and counseling, and their sponsorship letter issued by the issuance of the authenticity, accuracy and completeness. China Securities Regulatory Commission no longer coaching period as a mandatory requirement. After completion of the sponsor counseling, should the issuer location China Securities Regulatory Commission inspection counseling agency.

Up to now, through the successful IPO of the company transferred a total of 12 boards, a recent science and technology for the Union. The company listed shares transferred from the system to the delisting, to visit the GEM lasted seven years and nine months, but also the 12 companies listed in the stock transfer system, the longest of the company. From listed three new board to the successful listing last the shortest is a long time its software, the company in 2006 September 7 listed three new board, 2008 January 28 delisted, August 11, 2009 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates listed, the time span 2 years and 11 months.

“Innovation layer on some financial standards comparable to IPO, innovative enterprise texture layer is not necessarily worse than the A-share listed companies. After the implementation of hierarchical management, innovative companies need to fulfill additional layer letter Phi obligations.” Dong green tree industry Peru Lin Su told the China Securities Journal reporter, innovative companies to accept differentiated layer of supervision, assume differentiated responsibilities should enjoy differentiated institutional arrangements.

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