Silver price has soared over 40% in the first half year

Data show that the international price of gold has been rising for five consecutive weeks, yesterday’s Asian market trading at $ 1350 / ounce trading, or more than 27% this year. Stronger gold price also ignited the silver bulls crazy mood yesterday morning the Asian plate, the international spot silver up on the probe to $ 21.119 / ounce, after rapidly is pulled back. Although soaring plunge, but silver performance is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the precious metal. In the past two days, the international spot silver rose exceeded 10%, this year rose more than 40%, Kuangshuai other precious metals.

Thailand Futures Ltd. Xuwen Yu researcher told the “Securities” reporter, “after the British referendum off the European market significantly increased demand for hedging, the market expected the Fed to raise interest rates this year, not even cut interest rates, the world’s major central banks to continue easing greater efforts to hedge against economic zone to uncertainty in the market to buy commodities to hedge against expected inflation. a significant decline in US Treasury yield curve, which increased silver and other precious metals investment demand. ”

One investor Nanjing Mr. Xu told reporters, among the many precious metals, the price of silver is undervalued, so in the long run, greater upside potential, “Compared with gold, silver prices have greater volatility in the silver market capacity small, speculative is also higher. “

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