Metropolis is the most popular mini bag

Lift Furla jelly bag first thought is, in fact, this is the most current package Metropolis mini red style of this year’s mini-boom in the package you get a certain feeling, but also small enough to more and more outrageous, the commander wallet does not fit to be qualified, the such as this Metropolis Furla handbag, simple small box shape with a metal chain and metal buckle, simple and elegant will not let you down!

Polish supermodel Anja – Rs can deduce the new season Furla Metropolis handbag minimalist square outline looks so compact, very big temperament simple luxury, the perfect interpretation of the chain bag metal + leather style.

Furla Metropolis handbags also put a thin chain bag temperament interpretation of great accuracy, especially for the smaller sister.

Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield red back this bag. The same Italian descent, Fulra price of even a fraction of less than Prada. If you are looking for has been refined simplicity mini packet, then only will not let you down.

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