How to spot fake chanel bags

In Guangzhou where Li Beika origin, to the home of Chanel in Paris, France as a destination, if you leave in the off-season in July and August, the cheapest round-trip should 6000+, select season or replaced as Shopaholics the longing for a May or June “shopping discount season” starting conservatively estimated to have soared to a round-trip ticket or 10000 9000+ ocean, simply buy a ticket, 1/3 Chanel so you say goodbye with a .

When you care deeply bolted to Paris Chanel store, found originally sold only 3550 euros (about 23,500 yuan) 11.12 handbags has raised the price, even sell 4260 euros (about 28,200 yuan), after it bought tears to close micro letter to a friend, tell you when this bag in China from 38200 down to 30,000 yuan, for this 1800 how to fight itself, this does not count the journey back and forth, time-consuming, book hotels, eat a big meal, passport . Money, think about heartbreak.

The Chanel price adjustment covers the Hong Kong area, a rate of 20%, which involves most of Chanel selling models, such as the BOY Chanel series, Classic series, the number from the current Hong Kong dollars to HK $ 43200 Classic series 34000, Jumbo number by the now HK $ 48,000 to HK $ 38000, BOY CHANEL series number price of HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700 and so on. But with the price of the mainland, the two difference becomes smaller and smaller.

Boy Chanel No. in series, for example, in Hong Kong it down from HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700, equivalent to 23,760 yuan, while Le Boy in Mainland prices from 32,700 yuan to 26,000 yuan, that is, the difference is still 2,000 yuan. If students are to Hong Kong from Guangdong province, do not spend too much money on transportation and accommodation in, it could also be considered, but if you want to fly special trip, just the ticket to make money do not come back!

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