David Bailey and TOD’S Handbags

Italian luxury leather goods boutique brand TOD’S years launched a number of impressive classic handbags, leather goods brand in the status is also important. Recently, the two finally come together landmark art logos, brand hired David Bailey interpretation of this spring and summer launch of hot handbag TOD’S Cape Bag, under David lens, handbags fine workmanship and exciting lines of curvature the United States was 11 realistic presented.

Fashion and art has always been inextricably associated; when the two converge, often sparking clashes with a difference, as we continued to bring spectacular visual feast.

Attaining 77 years of David Bailey is absolutely vital arts photographer, in the 1960s, he was with a new way to capture the time of the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) trend, uninhibited shooting style, it was not subject to the eyes It is definitely a pioneer of modern street shooting. Today, David is absolutely classic fashion photography industry representatives.

And David said in an interview in order to handbags mainly photographic works, it is a new attempt for the first time in his career.

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