What is hidden in actress bags?

What female stars are hidden in the bag? This is what many users are curious thing, a few days ago, just attended the college entrance examination “national girl” Guan Xiaotong also “Bazaar” interview was turned package it, in addition to the daily cosmetics, the private 19-year-old girl the self-love also carry popular entertainment Self artifact “Mito mobile phone”, but also HelloKitty special edition, so a lot of money with the same girls are very excited, even with the idol with the same phone self-timer!

Guan Xiaotong album closer look will find that, although usually busy filming, but Xiao Nizi life is very exciting, often in online printing “Mito phone” self-portraits, even with the high school students are graduating with this photo mobile phone beat it, visible liking.

It is worth mentioning that the former child star since childhood Guan Xiaotong played Spectral Essence strange variety of “daughter” role, and therefore has a “national girl” in the title, most recently in the joint with Honglei drama starring “Good sir,” she again attracted the attention of the audience, legs plus CP group pocketed the eye, but also highly optimistic about future stardom.

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