What areas did Softbank Group invest on this year?

Softbank Group, the British chip designer ARM board of directors today announced that they have reached an agreement, SOFTBANK Group will be £ 24.3 billion acquisition of ARM. 24.3 billion pounds of high prices last week and up to 43% premium to the closing, and instantly caused a sensation in the industry.

Prior to this, Alibaba, Softbank has sold its shares to cash in $ 10 billion, and the Finnish game developer Supercell all shares sold Tencent, it seems, some time ago to raise funds for the acquisition is to pave the way .

Over the past few decades, Masayoshi Son, Softbank commander worldwide a lot of investment, although through the acquisition of US mobile operator Sprint Corp after the surge in debt flaw, but it is undeniable, Masayoshi Son, is nearly 30 years, the most successful investors.

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