Promote healthy development of private investment

In recent years, the State Council has promulgated a series of measures to ease the financing difficulties of small micro-enterprise financing your problem, it has yielded positive results, but financing difficulties of financing remains one of your strongest private enterprises of the problem.

In order to guide banking institutions and services of private enterprises, especially private enterprises in the small and micro enterprises, the China Banking Regulatory Commission had last year conventional banking small micro-enterprise financial services solely focused on loan growth and incremental, “not less than two” to ” not less than three, “that is, from the growth of loans, the number of households and the rate of loan application to obtain three dimensional study of corporate loan growth, increasing bank intentions service quality and coverage of small and micro enterprises is obvious. From the data provided by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, as of the end of 2015, the balance of the national small and micro business loans 23.5 trillion yuan, achieve the “three no less than” goal.

A large bank official says, we are not only in full accordance with the national requirements and regulatory policies to support private enterprises, but will also support private enterprises as an important direction for future restructuring and development.

However, the reality is still not optimistic. “A lot of good for our loan policy is not clear, consultation, but said some banks being investigated.” A small business owners told reporters. In addition, the “water” in the case of some banks exist in the statistical data Shihai small micro-enterprise loans.

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