Emerging Market is Commentable

Multi-risk events that affect the frequency of passage, the first half of the global stock market volatility lower overall risk appetite continued volatility, the market lacks a clear investment theme, the opportunity to become the dominant structural, regional and sector performance obvious differentiation. Sub-regional perspective, emerging markets outperformed developed markets, Brazil, Russia stock gainers. Plate, sought defensive sector, energy and raw materials sector is also accompanied by strong rebound in commodity prices.

After a recent British “off Europe” after the shock wave, institutions cautious view on global stock markets in the second half. Analysts generally believe that the global market is still full of uncertainty, the United Kingdom fallout “off Europe,” the US presidential election, the Fed raising interest rates at any time to detonate a “time bomb” are likely to once again lead to “Earthquake” while the global economy growth and corporate earnings growth continues to decline weighed on the market.

The beginning of the global economic slowdown, continued substantial decline in international oil prices and other factors, the global stock markets suffered sharp sell-off. US stock market S & P 500 index in January fell more than 5% in a single month, the worst performance record in seven years earlier. But since mid-February, as international oil prices bottomed out, the Fed rate hike expectations delayed drive a weaker US dollar, the global average valuation categories of assets as a whole rebounded to mid-April, covering emerging and developed markets index rebounded MSCIACWI 16%. By early June, the S & P 500 index broke through 2100 points, a record high in seven months from May last year hit a record high step.

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