Buying luxury goods is for meeting professional needs

Perhaps many people think that Shanghai people are keen on luxury goods, more or less out of vanity. Gives the impression that Shanghai girls like comparisons, an office of the person who will pay close attention to wear new clothes, what brand of clothes. In addition, Shanghai girl naturally prefer a more luxurious, elegant things, so they will live frugally to buy their own brand name.

Fudan University School of Management Department of Marketing Professor Song Yiping luxury marketing research for many years, in her view, Shanghai people are more accepting of luxury, because Shanghai is more open in all aspects, many things Exotic easy to accept, for the luxury brand connotation experience comprehend better.

For many young people accumulated several months of wages to buy luxury goods, Song Yiping that, in addition to show off, the more or social needs. “Shanghai has a lot of large companies, these companies into, people always want to go up. A small white-collar workers, at least in form to let others see her rising desire. With this branding can zoom and upper leading the distance made her even more easily into, career development needs. ”

“Which of course is not what Guimai, Shanghai women in the purchase of luxury goods is very smart.” Italian Song Ping said, so discounts will let them in droves.

Miss money is luxury lovers, “my friends more or less will be equipped with two, three luxury, large backpacks, clothes and small accessories.” But she said he belongs to a more rational enthusiasts.

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