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P2P lending platform attracts more investment

Hope Loan Network is an online P2P lending service Web site, set up in July 2011. Founder and CEO Huozhong Hao, who in 2006 co-founded a web 2.0 company, then worked in Cerberus, Yixin, again in 2011 to start a business.

Hope Credit network supports diverse lending and investment products, such as micro-credit, consumer loans, mortgage loans, secured loans and non-performing loans by the Cinda Asset Management do to ensure.

The lead investor Fangmei Guo Harper (WI HarperGroup), is one of the first to enter the Chinese venture capital company AUM more than one billion dollars. Investment performance including DivX, dozens of listed companies, more than 300 early stage startups. It is understood that ECDC has also invested in China well-known companies, such as founder Jason Jiang of Focus Media, Kai-fu Lee founded Innovation Works, ticket foreman, interconnected world, PayEase other companies.

Peter Liu, chairman of WI Harper said that he was optimistic about the development of Internet banking in China, but also optimistic about the hope loan competitiveness and future potential, convinced hope the loan networks such legal compliance, risk control system operating the coherent platform will be stronger to do Big.

Currently, the average annual net return of hope loans 13.57%, has been launched in cooperation with the China Life, Hollard Insurance, Cinda Asset, Xingcheng agricultural firms, UnionPay. June 2015, net loans and hope kenkyƫ Group to develop a variety of financial products, sustainable development and building a one-stop financial services institutions.

Mini package shows unique personality

Take that shirt skirt to work too boring? Pink color may wish to use a small bag slung sense of fun, wear a red belt short-chain necklace, with a geometric pattern umbrella skirt, high heels foot on the ball, easily create playful impression .

Packet boom continues to spread, dorsal hand or handsome, with quality materials and color variability, street shooting type of women who have used a whole packet to highlight the main visual. Wish to go out this weekend, you find the family dog mini package, to follow with the picture, try to know the effect.

Spring is to hit a bold color, and a large red vest long dress to show exquisite delivered a good curve, with the same color sweater and cat’s eye sunglasses, and finally knocked belong youthful confident style with mustard yellow leather bag.

Romantic elegant white silk-like dress, and then with a red mini bag, let favorability instant upgrade. Use fitting denim jacket too delicate balance of the image, dress and long hair is the goddess-based outfit.

Buying yahoo should be proved by Mozilla

Under the agreement Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Mozilla signed regulations, no matter which company acquired Yahoo, as long as Mozilla think it’s not what you want partner, you can lift the partnership on their own, and the new owner must also be in Yahoo to pay $ 375 million in revenue annually to the Mozilla security payments until 2019.

Meyer and Mozilla in late 2014 signed a cooperation agreement, the content is the Yahoo search Mozilla Firefox browser as default search engine in the United States, among other conditions is one of the terms of the agreement, the above conditions.

In addition to the signing of a cooperation agreement with Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox search engine partner Google. The purpose of this clause is to protect the interests of Mozilla when Yahoo control changed hands is not compromised.

Meyer never thought of such a situation really happen. According to the terms of the agreement the first 9.1 ie provisions on a change of control provisions, if Mozilla found it difficult to accept new partners, it has the right to decide within a certain period of termination of cooperation. If Mozilla really made the decision to terminate the cooperation, even if it was later followed by the new partners to reach a new agreement, Yahoo also have to pay $ 375 million in revenue to the Mozilla security payments annually.

Mozilla really care what the final bid for Yahoo is a company, the development of revenue and search partners is closely related to Mozilla. Before, Mozilla about 90% of revenue comes from cooperation deal it reached with Google. Google to pay Mozilla annual income security deposit is $ 300 million.

Financial services are better and better

Home just built a new house, the Department of Town Village, Linhai cards before the villagers Zheng Zhi Cai got 10 million in loans for renovation, took credit certificates moment, the dark stout farmer smiling eyes narrowed in a crack. On this day, Tyrone bank consisting of eight members of Linhai Daejeon small businesses franchise branch “party, Financial Services Volunteer Force” brand came before the village, including Zheng Zhi to color, including 30 villagers brought credit certificates, the amount of up to 20 million and also at least 20,000.

The business community to develop new markets, Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” is always at the head; holidays, Stallone still stick to their posts. Today, under the leadership of party members Duomingtailong 2100, more than 200 Tyrone “party, Financial Services Volunteer Team” active service in the first line of small and micro agriculture for small business owners, farmers and citizens sent to a professional, convenient financial services.

Under the leadership of party committees, party building Stallone also lead to corporate social responsibility, around caring society, caring for others, caring nature of the three themes, launched the “inclusive finance”, “student assistant”, “helping the poor” and “social volunteers” etc. four series of volunteer activities, continue to promote the development of public welfare.

Cultivate young party members, party building is to enhance the strength of Tyrone “secrets.” Party members average age of less than 28-year-old Tyrone, Tyrone Party initiative to adapt to the characteristics of young party members, always concerned about the growth of young party members. Tyrone adhere to the “priority to recruiting Party members, priority training, priority to develop” working mechanism to open up a “red channel” recommendation from mass organizations, administrative recommendation, the masses recommendation developed an outstanding member. Currently, Tyrone managers, nearly half of the party members. In addition, according to Tyrone Party youth party members strengths and interests, set up more than 40 cultural clubs, youth established party group.

Delvaux launched a new series of autumn and winter men’s bags

This winter, Delvaux bag brand name with the beauty of the building for the soul, to design a series of new products. Belgium contemporary architecture creative, daring. Inspired, geometric lines, neat tailoring and unexpected contrast Delvaux has become the main theme of this year’s autumn and winter series. In addition to the classic series, Ms. bag, Delvaux launched in this season men’s series.

Delvaux reflected in building a sense of family is not uncommon. In fact, Delvaux is known as the joint creation of the famous architect common tradition, more so the achievements of the many classic styles, the most attention was undoubtedly the 1958 Paule Goethals designed “Le Brillant” series.

Delvaux has always been at the basis of Tradition, Seiko produced on the basis of bold innovation, this season also adhering to this philosophy, re-create a number of classic style, focusing on the extraordinary selection of precious materials, giving new series of fresh vitality.

This season “Le Givry” and “Le Pin” Both bags launched mini-version, more modern leisure; “Le Brillant” places more dynamic soft launch new attitude: the “Sellier” calf production, and on the flip add removable shoulder strap.

First self-manufactured pump

“Hualong One” 1st China – made main pump pump shell forgings, castings and forgings production base in our country recently – China First Heavy Industries completed, marking China’s nuclear power equipment and step onto a new level. “Hualong One,” as China’s flagship brand go out of nuclear power, is the only third generation nuclear power technology products have complete independent intellectual property rights. At present, “Hualong One” the first project, the Chinese system for a major re-equipment of all three units of six projects, including the nuclear reactor pressure vessel products, evaporators, the main pump housing, the main channel, and other regulators for China’s nuclear power has made important contributions to the world.

The main pump housing is provided Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Unit 5, China is a heavy product in close cooperation with CNNC, HEC Group. As China’s first “Hualong One” type of reactor demonstration project, the main pump housing is especially thick profiled forgings, sampling locations demanding, complex shape forging, heat treatment is difficult, high performance requirements. China re-established a professional technical staff coordinated operations of the special research team, based on the existing base station forging technology and production experience, and continuously improve the basic process data has tackled high purity steel smelting, forging compacting large cross-section, very large cross-section grain refining heat treatment process and other difficulties, effective control of the smelting inclusions to meet the uniform hardness, stable performance and other key technical indicators, the final assessment of the pump casing performance test a success.

China First Heavy Industries is the largest production of steel rolling, metallurgy, forging, power plants, petrochemical and other heavy equipment for the main large-scale machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, the company with independent manufacturing, import substitution as the goal, vigorously promote the construction of nuclear power and nuclear power equipment localization, planning and implementing a series of major technological transformation projects designed to improve nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity.

Say hi to new winter bags

Compared to the new clothes, new shoes and bags for girls are more lethal, last week made a Zara shoes thematic good feedback, so I quickly put new bags also make persistent efforts to update you popularize.

Chloe give you a look at this year’s autumn and winter romantic aesthetic large advertising, invited Anja Rubik and two supermodel Julia Stegner, the effect is really beautiful photographs, so every time I open a few pictures that will quietly look for a long time ,So beautiful!

Although Hudson is seen as a continuation of pig packages and 15 packages of spring and summer the boats for 14 years, I would think that this package before selling their home and Marcie (pictured right) quite a bit similar. However cowhide material Hudson to 2350 dollars, trumpet Marcie messenger bag as long as 795 dollars.

Not the pursuit of the latest girl into a trumpet Marcie I feel very good, after all, as long as 795 dollars, 5000 to succeed, but also many colors to choose Oh. Queen to look good, not very refined.

Longchamp’s fashion line of new series bags

Longchamp (Longchamp) brand’s classic messenger bag, because of its large capacity, the fans love called dumplings. This classic dumplings called the history of the most comfortable and casual, regardless of Which package type, Longchamp bag models are women out to the streets necessary, stand the test of time.

2015 autumn and winter series, Longchamp Paris Rock launched a new series of fashion upgrade again, even with a touch of glam rock flavor. It has a retro appearance, a row of perforations flip ultra flat, golden leather chain double- and mixed through them. Each individual metal letters together to form a group Longchamp logo.

The series use water sheepskin material, soft texture, surprisingly, brings you the ultimate nature, a sense of the use of soothing relaxation. Paris Rock back series allows you to instantly full of personality, both fashion and classic style, is definitely worth having must-have item. The velvet surface and has a great sense of artistic Paris Rocks Velours series is fashion’s choice, black currant and warm copper color with black nickel-like decorations, these decorations let us indulge in the retro trend , as if time back to the seventies of last century.