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Financing for Artificial Intelligence

Insights Posted on local time on July 17 second quarter of global artificial intelligence start-ups and financing reporting, although the second quarter transactions singular chain fell 10%, but turnover of 1.049 billion US dollars of successfully broke through the $ 942 million in 2014 fourth quarter history The new quarterly high.

The report notes that removing incubator and accelerator, artificial intelligence start-ups in the second quarter the number of transactions for the financing of 121 orders, compared with the first quarter of 2016, a record high of 134 single down 10%, trading volume reached 1.049 billion US dollars, up by 64.9% MoM . Which include Chinese health big data platform carbon cloud intelligence (iCarbonX) in April this year and Tencent, the source of Concord A round of financing $ 154 million, the California network security startups Cylance in June this year and the Blackstone Group (Blackstone Group), Kos pull Ventures (Khosla Ventures) like D round of financing $ 100 million.

Most financing transactions in the second quarter occurred in the early stages of start-up companies, seed round, Angels and A round wheel covers 60% of the transaction, the middle stage (B and C round wheel) transactions accounted for only 12%.

In the second quarter, China, India, Sweden, Ukraine more than fifteen countries, including artificial intelligence start-up companies received equity investments. Nearly 70% of transactions concentrated in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom accounted for 5%, respectively, followed by Israel and Germany.

Reported that Alibaba Group to participate in e-commerce search business Twiggle Israel in May of this year’s A round of financing, will help optimize the user Twiggle online search results. According to Bloomberg, the Alibaba’s investment of about 5 to 10 million dollars.

Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Bain Capital (Bain Capital Ventures) is the most active investors in the second quarter of artificial intelligence. Since 2011, Khosla Ventures invested a total of more than 15 AI companies, ranked first, Intel Capital (Intel Capital) and Data Collective tied for second place.

The most popular sections are the classic single product bag

Dolce & Gabbana nobility has never been interrupted, the season is still exquisite and noble character presentation in front of everyone, although gorgeous and complex package suitcase exciting enough, but the unique style Vanda indeed more worthy of recommendation, whether it is fabric or decorative or chains are like an exquisite work.

Chloe this season in the case of Hudson headed bag styles, and classic saddle compact and lightweight, and highly dynamic tassels design charm, based on the original but also into some metal elements, especially the casual cool.

This is the biggest feature cleverly hidden in a large package of another packet, package bag unique design make it stand out at once, in different colors so that you can always open the bag when surprised, minimalist style, and elegant appearance elegant elements, less saturated color can make you put it down.

Simple shape, full of technology textured fabrics glance hard to forget, looks noble and great fashion sense, simple look to some very wild, special colors and materials will definitely make you at first sight.

Internet financial capital still has more risks

Internet banking is still the capital of the most active industry, a total of 44 companies ENTRY, compared to 2015 increased by 4, the proportion also increased by 1.4 percentage points. TOP10 companies in the list, Internet banking business is accounted for five, including ants gold dress ranked first with $ 60 billion valuation. Ereli analysis, although P2P banking, net loan platform has been controversial, but the development trend of the Internet banking is still good, the future of Internet banking will be vertical, mobility, big data and so direction.

ENTRY electricity supplier industry enterprises is 36, ranked second in all industries. Ereli analysis, along with the rapid development of the Internet in China, e-commerce has been the rapid development of industry from emerging to mature and stable, and have a clear business model, so that this area is still a high degree of concentration of enterprises unicorn industry; from segments 36 ENTRY distribution business enterprise, the mother electricity supplier, electricity supplier for Women, the cross-border electricity suppliers and other vertical areas of rapid development, while electricity supplier mobile trend is obvious; as an important basic services electricity providers in the field of logistics services industry also has nine companies ENTRY.

Car traffic and health care is more concentrated ENTRY business sectors, respectively, 23 and 21 companies ENTRY. And before the development trend of hot O2O service industry in the cold this year, the list were 17 enterprises, more than 2015 decreased 7. Ereli analysis, since 2015, the homogenization of serious, profit model is not clear, the lack of resources under line, funding strand breaks, low user demand and other issues, out of the many local living services O2O enterprises. The capital market O2O industry also tends to calm, throwing money at subsidized conventional endless loop mode the user will be changed only truly future integration of multiple resources, attention to user experience, be able to provide personalized, differentiated services, and clear profit model O2O enterprises can be better and faster development.

There will be “pre-cancellation period” after the cancellation of credit card

During this time difference inside, this was canceled cards can actually come up to brush, if unknown to the cardholder that the card will be canceled arbitrarily throw away, then there is still the possibility of stolen brushes, but also for the this bear the loss. Similarly, pre-term cancellation of the card, the same can be carried out online transactions, but also to enter the transfer card.

In this light, the card pre-cancellation period is not safe, we can understand. That is why the time to apply for cancellation of bank staff stressed to destroy the card, or destruction of magnetic stripe, that is, for this reason. Moreover, behind the card verification codes and personal signature, also can not leak.

Thus, the bank set up a pre-cancellation period considered user-friendly, but also both advantages and disadvantages, in particular the bank party does not emphasize this point, easy for cardholders careless.

Card Friends of Mike personal experience tells us that the pre-cancellation of really bad. Since last week, Li is not careful, the other credit cards to repay the money transfer through Paypal, go to their pre-cancellation period credit cards. Mike usually habitually use Alipay arrears, because the operation is very convenient. For convenience, he put all of their cards are bound Alipay. And after binding card, it is to display only the last four digits of the card number. More than one card, it is inevitable confusion. Then, just after a lapse of more than a month, it would have to repay the debt of other cards, but also to give the logout card. After cancellation also receive SMS bank card, to react.

Luxury bags for the auction will be ready!

It is reported that Hermes, Chanel and other brands limited edition bag will once again debut Chinese auction market. These limited edition bag is not only enjoy the unique luxury of the most important is that there is growth potential. If you want to be a smart investor fashion industry, it is time to look at these serve to prepare for the auction of a luxury!

Some time ago Lafayette edition Barbie sensation, now Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) ceramic doll models also officially opened a reservation. And only 300 limited edition single of 1350 pounds, the collection is completely level. See Dolce & Gabbana launch of ceramic dolls, heart yet?

To pay tribute to Milan and the local Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arcade, Versace (Versace) launched special limited edition series. Ornamental Collection with male and female models, including the Palazzo series of limited edition handbags, sports shoes and a range of accessories, all products are decorated with bright colors and unique patterns, the Versace brand attributes and arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II circular dome classic portrait combined.

3 companies voluntarily give up stepping into innovation-layer

Former sponsor (sponsor) at the recommended issuer’s initial public offering and listing, the issuer shall counseling. Sponsors and their representatives should follow due diligence, the principles of honesty, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of prudent examination and counseling, and their sponsorship letter issued by the issuance of the authenticity, accuracy and completeness. China Securities Regulatory Commission no longer coaching period as a mandatory requirement. After completion of the sponsor counseling, should the issuer location China Securities Regulatory Commission inspection counseling agency.

Up to now, through the successful IPO of the company transferred a total of 12 boards, a recent science and technology for the Union. The company listed shares transferred from the system to the delisting, to visit the GEM lasted seven years and nine months, but also the 12 companies listed in the stock transfer system, the longest of the company. From listed three new board to the successful listing last the shortest is a long time its software, the company in 2006 September 7 listed three new board, 2008 January 28 delisted, August 11, 2009 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates listed, the time span 2 years and 11 months.

“Innovation layer on some financial standards comparable to IPO, innovative enterprise texture layer is not necessarily worse than the A-share listed companies. After the implementation of hierarchical management, innovative companies need to fulfill additional layer letter Phi obligations.” Dong green tree industry Peru Lin Su told the China Securities Journal reporter, innovative companies to accept differentiated layer of supervision, assume differentiated responsibilities should enjoy differentiated institutional arrangements.

Colorful holiday series of bags

Holiday approaching, shopping spree also will come. It is time to develop a list of holiday for family and friends to bring a surprise and pleasure. Furla has extensive family holiday package, as well as to meet the needs of all of the charm. So much temptation, why risk to pick another gift?

Gold and silver in this series will show the most. Furla classic Metropolis series package shall filigree jacquard fabrics, textured fabrics and mirror-polished calf exudes elegant light, with bright metal, feminine filling. Furla will create your unique style, whether it is a holiday or usually are the focus of fashion.

In contrast with the trend of fanaticism, accessories inspired by the cute little pet with a teddy bear, or made of multicolored leather or the like crystal spherical and donut-like fur. Chink accessories for a custom section of the package brings more joy.

Four “fashion habits” might harm your health

Fashion can represent many things: exciting clothes and bags, a landmark change in the trend, on the circle and tall. Of course, there is the most important thing: to bring people pleasure. But it must be said, there are some very fashionable habit, if long-term adherence, the body will be damaged.

Perhaps you’ve also heard through the high heels really is damage to the body a very big thing. Torres New York Fitness health experts say, when you wear high heels, feet and torso tilted forward and backward tilt of the body, which allows the spine to withstand tremendous pressure. If a few weeks, months or even years, every day, will change the perception of the body’s movement, and induce toe cramps, leg pain, hip and back pain and other symptoms.

The larger the package, it can hold more stuff, this is a good thing. But Torres said that the uneven distribution of goods in the internal security pressure can cause muscle imbalance, which led to a series of questions about body symmetry (such as the level of the shoulder). Worse, too heavy bag can cause shoulder, neck, spine pain, pressure would be too heavy trunk parts of priority. But here too there is a solution: choose one day one week to let the body relax, you can carry a small bag, do not bring anything heavy, so parts of the body is completely vented state.

The pursuit of too diet slimming effect will slow down the body’s metabolism, which took “Yuejianyuefei”, weight gain road. Torres said that this approach backfired, the end result of fasting is to eat more.