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Biggest buyers platform for Domestic users

INXX is determined in the development of international high street fashion trend emerging cultural enterprises, under the British involving Hong Kong, 2013 to enter the mainland China market, the Chinese want to give consumers more choice worldwide clothing, and bring the most fashionable lifestyle. Currently, INXX retail basis, the establishment of a traditional physical stores + Internet + Mobile Internet + Trinity community run network-wide marketing channels, to provide consumers with shopping, social, information, development, integration services, has become the most international trend style buyers internet.

In the business model, INXX the one hand, has a strong independent R & D capability, its own INXX, THE NEXT, Stand by INXX other brands, on the other hand, through the distribution of imports, authorized agents, and other brands to enter the international top model, popular the trend of brands, such as NBHD, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, mastermind japan, Yeezy, KTZ, HBA, etc. from Japan and South Korea more than 80 fashion brands, creating the nation’s largest set, production, generation sales trend buyers internet.

At the same time, INXX also highly experienced operating management team, not only close to the trends, patterns and nowadays is a popular “red network, IP” drive consumption, and actively to drive consumers through the stars, fashionistas guide ; through gaming and other cross-border cooperation, reasonable operating traditional media and new media, so that the brand and product depth trend of young consumer groups, brand image and expand brand awareness and influence. In order to achieve a contrarian growth in the entire apparel industry downturn in the background.

David Bailey and TOD’S Handbags

Italian luxury leather goods boutique brand TOD’S years launched a number of impressive classic handbags, leather goods brand in the status is also important. Recently, the two finally come together landmark art logos, brand hired David Bailey interpretation of this spring and summer launch of hot handbag TOD’S Cape Bag, under David lens, handbags fine workmanship and exciting lines of curvature the United States was 11 realistic presented.

Fashion and art has always been inextricably associated; when the two converge, often sparking clashes with a difference, as we continued to bring spectacular visual feast.

Attaining 77 years of David Bailey is absolutely vital arts photographer, in the 1960s, he was with a new way to capture the time of the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) trend, uninhibited shooting style, it was not subject to the eyes It is definitely a pioneer of modern street shooting. Today, David is absolutely classic fashion photography industry representatives.

And David said in an interview in order to handbags mainly photographic works, it is a new attempt for the first time in his career.

Amazon has been working hard to develop in fashion field

Amazon is not hard, carefully watched its development, that never say die spirit is really touching. Amazon launched in 2007, watches, shoes and other categories, apparel launched in 2008, an increase of digital European operations gave it to enter the fashion industry information. Then, it had set up the main luxury goods and fashion products electricity supplier website Endless, the results of six years after the collapse. After 2012, it added in the main category of cosmetics and other site classification, electricity suppliers still most important to put the tag in the words “Luxury” of last winter, also introduced several free fashion brand. Oh yeah, it is worth mentioning that there are in New York in 2013 to establish the 40,000 square feet of professional studio.

The key problem lies in the brand image is too ingrained. And consequently to sell electricity business started, and now they want to sell the most high-obsessed want luxury, Amazon understand this is not done overnight. The Integer Group Vice President of electricity provider channel on the right Glossy expressed: “Amazon like Costco (supermarket name) instead of Nordstrom (United States fashion department name)”, people want to buy toilet paper instead of on top designer clothing, at most, Buy Buy basic T-shirt and so on, which makes the fashion brand’s marketing officer, who think, in the above toss is no meaning.

This is very embarrassing. Possible in the existing transition strategy, by investing in a vertical electric business to reach your goals may be the most effective one. Amazon’s acquisition list already have the main fashion Shopbop, Zappos, Myhabit and East Dane, but there are some people who refuse to sell, such as ASOS.

But the acquisition of vertical sites, the luxury performance is not good. The company was chosen MyHabit only Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Milly, they are extravagant light, some of it is urban brand Guess and Fossil, want from the Amazon “top” or a distance. Today, this situation is no better. A recent report from L2 showed 83 luxury brands, only less than a third settled in the Amazon, in their sales, 75% came from the third-party platform. For those who do not want to surrender the right to discount brands and inventory control of the brand, the wholesaler is annoying.

Silver price has soared over 40% in the first half year

Data show that the international price of gold has been rising for five consecutive weeks, yesterday’s Asian market trading at $ 1350 / ounce trading, or more than 27% this year. Stronger gold price also ignited the silver bulls crazy mood yesterday morning the Asian plate, the international spot silver up on the probe to $ 21.119 / ounce, after rapidly is pulled back. Although soaring plunge, but silver performance is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the precious metal. In the past two days, the international spot silver rose exceeded 10%, this year rose more than 40%, Kuangshuai other precious metals.

Thailand Futures Ltd. Xuwen Yu researcher told the “Securities” reporter, “after the British referendum off the European market significantly increased demand for hedging, the market expected the Fed to raise interest rates this year, not even cut interest rates, the world’s major central banks to continue easing greater efforts to hedge against economic zone to uncertainty in the market to buy commodities to hedge against expected inflation. a significant decline in US Treasury yield curve, which increased silver and other precious metals investment demand. ”

One investor Nanjing Mr. Xu told reporters, among the many precious metals, the price of silver is undervalued, so in the long run, greater upside potential, “Compared with gold, silver prices have greater volatility in the silver market capacity small, speculative is also higher. “

Metropolis is the most popular mini bag

Lift Furla jelly bag first thought is, in fact, this is the most current package Metropolis mini red style of this year’s mini-boom in the package you get a certain feeling, but also small enough to more and more outrageous, the commander wallet does not fit to be qualified, the such as this Metropolis Furla handbag, simple small box shape with a metal chain and metal buckle, simple and elegant will not let you down!

Polish supermodel Anja – Rs can deduce the new season Furla Metropolis handbag minimalist square outline looks so compact, very big temperament simple luxury, the perfect interpretation of the chain bag metal + leather style.

Furla Metropolis handbags also put a thin chain bag temperament interpretation of great accuracy, especially for the smaller sister.

Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield red back this bag. The same Italian descent, Fulra price of even a fraction of less than Prada. If you are looking for has been refined simplicity mini packet, then only will not let you down.

International oil prices keep falling down

Under British exit from the euro referendum impact event, and this week, international oil prices falling more than 7% on Friday. But the past two days, the rapid rise of international oil prices, continuous rise more than 6%. As Beijing on June 30 Ri 18: 30, NYMEX crude oil futures August contract rose to 49.39 dollars a barrel, Brent crude oil futures contract in September to $ 50.83 a barrel, above the $ 50 mark to return almost completely recovered British referendum on Europe off after the announcement of the results recorded in decline.

Haitong Securities petrochemical futures researcher Mao Jianping said, after oil prices fell, with the first six months of the oil price rise, June 10 the week to increase the number of oil rigs active 3-328, increasing for the second consecutive week, increasing the supply of risk very Great; secondly, the British retreat Europe and other geopolitical uncertainties caused, full access to the global market “risk model”, so long profit-taking; In addition, major oil producers to limit production problems did not reach any agreement, competition is heating up , weighed on oil prices.

As for the rapid rise in crude oil, the industry pointed out that the market panic gradually calm down, US crude oil inventories plunged news and incentive funds to return to the oil market. Boseong futures researcher Chen Dong pointed out that, although the results of the referendum on Friday, the British unexpectedly retreat Europe, international oil prices fell sharply in the short term, but with the release of negative factors, oil prices began to return to the strong side of the supply and demand environment. Its rise for four reasons: First, on the demand side, currently North America is in the peak summer travel season, oil is expected to rebound in the short-term prospects for consumption; and the supply side, the global supply production fell by US interference and ease the market oversupply, data showed US crude oil inventories fell last week, March 11 the lowest level since the week.

Shiyuan goldsmith researcher Wangshou Kai also said that oil prices recently rose twice, mainly because the market for British retreat Europe fears eased. Before the crash is actually panic selling, there are natural hunters admission funds after the collapse, not only crude oil, other markets also rebounded confirmed this point. Crude oil inventories plunged positive, but also one of the main push up crude oil. In addition, the Norwegian oil production is likely to be limited because of the country’s labor if the parties can not reach a new wage agreement at local time on July 1 before midnight, then possible strike action, which also contributed to higher oil prices.

How to spot fake chanel bags

In Guangzhou where Li Beika origin, to the home of Chanel in Paris, France as a destination, if you leave in the off-season in July and August, the cheapest round-trip should 6000+, select season or replaced as Shopaholics the longing for a May or June “shopping discount season” starting conservatively estimated to have soared to a round-trip ticket or 10000 9000+ ocean, simply buy a ticket, 1/3 Chanel so you say goodbye with a .

When you care deeply bolted to Paris Chanel store, found originally sold only 3550 euros (about 23,500 yuan) 11.12 handbags has raised the price, even sell 4260 euros (about 28,200 yuan), after it bought tears to close micro letter to a friend, tell you when this bag in China from 38200 down to 30,000 yuan, for this 1800 how to fight itself, this does not count the journey back and forth, time-consuming, book hotels, eat a big meal, passport . Money, think about heartbreak.

The Chanel price adjustment covers the Hong Kong area, a rate of 20%, which involves most of Chanel selling models, such as the BOY Chanel series, Classic series, the number from the current Hong Kong dollars to HK $ 43200 Classic series 34000, Jumbo number by the now HK $ 48,000 to HK $ 38000, BOY CHANEL series number price of HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700 and so on. But with the price of the mainland, the two difference becomes smaller and smaller.

Boy Chanel No. in series, for example, in Hong Kong it down from HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700, equivalent to 23,760 yuan, while Le Boy in Mainland prices from 32,700 yuan to 26,000 yuan, that is, the difference is still 2,000 yuan. If students are to Hong Kong from Guangdong province, do not spend too much money on transportation and accommodation in, it could also be considered, but if you want to fly special trip, just the ticket to make money do not come back!

Natural plant colour must be eye-catching

Whether spell color design, or the use of hot animal pattern, plant color, can make you out of the street into a green summer landscape. Editor’s Picks smooth calfskin, based on the perfect color, pay more attention to the texture of fine bags, the choice of the upper calf, calf leather is a little more upscale leather goods.

Summer is approaching, the influx of women out to the streets to steal the spotlight outfit needs a new vision, natural flavor, fresh, bright, colorful all summer girls favorite outfit effect, summer wear to dress the main elements with which popular printing bag styles to create a dazzling visual effect? Bag trend this season indispensable natural wind, the designers draw color elements of nature, color contrast color design, showing summer elegant color taste. Whether spell color design, or the use of hot animal pattern, plant color, can make you out of the street into a green summer landscape.

Distinctive printing elements are often selected ladies summer fashion element, if you want to start from a point of view with the trend to buy a bag, be sure to print dress with a bag of mixed colors paragraph was perfect, natural wind printing with Editor’s Choice bag exudes freshness of nature.