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What areas did Softbank Group invest on this year?

Softbank Group, the British chip designer ARM board of directors today announced that they have reached an agreement, SOFTBANK Group will be £ 24.3 billion acquisition of ARM. 24.3 billion pounds of high prices last week and up to 43% premium to the closing, and instantly caused a sensation in the industry.

Prior to this, Alibaba, Softbank has sold its shares to cash in $ 10 billion, and the Finnish game developer Supercell all shares sold Tencent, it seems, some time ago to raise funds for the acquisition is to pave the way .

Over the past few decades, Masayoshi Son, Softbank commander worldwide a lot of investment, although through the acquisition of US mobile operator Sprint Corp after the surge in debt flaw, but it is undeniable, Masayoshi Son, is nearly 30 years, the most successful investors.

Hermes holds a rare feature

Luxury goods industry downturn, the French did not let the traditional arts and crafts brand Hermes (Hermes) with a worried frown. Instead, Hermes and not for its difficulties, the French brand has its own unique know-how. The trick is “rare”: a way for other high-end brands to the ground characteristics.

In the first half of this year, Hermes sales of 2.3 billion euros, 3.5 times a decade ago, while the current growth rate is also resident in the brand’s annual growth target (8%) above. Rivals LVMH and Gucci parent Kering first half sales growth was 6% and 3.5%.

And the two luxury goods maker is different, Hermes lifted the non-luxury goods brand or a plurality of load, without reservation. At the same time, the brand has been tightened supply, resulting in market demand is not fully met state. Some consumers want to buy the most prestigious Hermes bag Birkin bag (worth £ 10,000), you may need to wait a few years.

The question is, whether this trick is reason enough for the Hermes share price high. It is reported that, Hermes share price and its bags as expensive than many peers share price 50% higher.

YouTube will launch Internet TV service next year

On July 11, 2016 news, along with the development of the times, people’s entertainment needs are growing, cable television has failed to meet the viewing needs of people, and more and more consumers via the Internet to watch live television channels. So Sony, satellite TV company Dish Network TV service launched etc, to provide users with more quality channels.

More than that, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest users of original video site YouTube, has also recently developed a non-oriented cable television network service users. It is reported that YouTube is much more detail and television copyright negotiations, which ESPN (sports entertainment television network), ABC (ABC) and CBS (CBS) and other main channel will be included in the package in the channel, and it has not been finally determined.

It is reported that, YouTube Internet television service called “Unplugged” (without harness), that is, without the use of traditional cable access network. More worth mentioning it is that the package monthly fee may be as low as $ 35, and in addition to this basic channel package, users can also pay additional funds to buy additional channel package. In addition, YouTube Internet TV service will likely be released in the first half of 2017.

Promote healthy development of private investment

In recent years, the State Council has promulgated a series of measures to ease the financing difficulties of small micro-enterprise financing your problem, it has yielded positive results, but financing difficulties of financing remains one of your strongest private enterprises of the problem.

In order to guide banking institutions and services of private enterprises, especially private enterprises in the small and micro enterprises, the China Banking Regulatory Commission had last year conventional banking small micro-enterprise financial services solely focused on loan growth and incremental, “not less than two” to ” not less than three, “that is, from the growth of loans, the number of households and the rate of loan application to obtain three dimensional study of corporate loan growth, increasing bank intentions service quality and coverage of small and micro enterprises is obvious. From the data provided by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, as of the end of 2015, the balance of the national small and micro business loans 23.5 trillion yuan, achieve the “three no less than” goal.

A large bank official says, we are not only in full accordance with the national requirements and regulatory policies to support private enterprises, but will also support private enterprises as an important direction for future restructuring and development.

However, the reality is still not optimistic. “A lot of good for our loan policy is not clear, consultation, but said some banks being investigated.” A small business owners told reporters. In addition, the “water” in the case of some banks exist in the statistical data Shihai small micro-enterprise loans.

Buying luxury goods is for meeting professional needs

Perhaps many people think that Shanghai people are keen on luxury goods, more or less out of vanity. Gives the impression that Shanghai girls like comparisons, an office of the person who will pay close attention to wear new clothes, what brand of clothes. In addition, Shanghai girl naturally prefer a more luxurious, elegant things, so they will live frugally to buy their own brand name.

Fudan University School of Management Department of Marketing Professor Song Yiping luxury marketing research for many years, in her view, Shanghai people are more accepting of luxury, because Shanghai is more open in all aspects, many things Exotic easy to accept, for the luxury brand connotation experience comprehend better.

For many young people accumulated several months of wages to buy luxury goods, Song Yiping that, in addition to show off, the more or social needs. “Shanghai has a lot of large companies, these companies into, people always want to go up. A small white-collar workers, at least in form to let others see her rising desire. With this branding can zoom and upper leading the distance made her even more easily into, career development needs. ”

“Which of course is not what Guimai, Shanghai women in the purchase of luxury goods is very smart.” Italian Song Ping said, so discounts will let them in droves.

Miss money is luxury lovers, “my friends more or less will be equipped with two, three luxury, large backpacks, clothes and small accessories.” But she said he belongs to a more rational enthusiasts.

Emerging Market is Commentable

Multi-risk events that affect the frequency of passage, the first half of the global stock market volatility lower overall risk appetite continued volatility, the market lacks a clear investment theme, the opportunity to become the dominant structural, regional and sector performance obvious differentiation. Sub-regional perspective, emerging markets outperformed developed markets, Brazil, Russia stock gainers. Plate, sought defensive sector, energy and raw materials sector is also accompanied by strong rebound in commodity prices.

After a recent British “off Europe” after the shock wave, institutions cautious view on global stock markets in the second half. Analysts generally believe that the global market is still full of uncertainty, the United Kingdom fallout “off Europe,” the US presidential election, the Fed raising interest rates at any time to detonate a “time bomb” are likely to once again lead to “Earthquake” while the global economy growth and corporate earnings growth continues to decline weighed on the market.

The beginning of the global economic slowdown, continued substantial decline in international oil prices and other factors, the global stock markets suffered sharp sell-off. US stock market S & P 500 index in January fell more than 5% in a single month, the worst performance record in seven years earlier. But since mid-February, as international oil prices bottomed out, the Fed rate hike expectations delayed drive a weaker US dollar, the global average valuation categories of assets as a whole rebounded to mid-April, covering emerging and developed markets index rebounded MSCIACWI 16%. By early June, the S & P 500 index broke through 2100 points, a record high in seven months from May last year hit a record high step.

What are the most popular bag style in 2016?

Sporadic or trimmed with rivets big bag rivets shining charming rock temperament, comes with fashionable, and the bag with tassel embellishment is also to highlight trends and fashion taste ,, tassels Smart and Light for the bag is add a lot of beauty, so a simple version of the design of the bag incarnation of enchanting beauty, becoming more and more sexy.

Saddle bags in the last year has been very popular, but because it is a very strong sense of style, many designers have been a soft spot, so in the next two years remains a popular trend. And when the bucket bag began to enter the fashion world, from LV home big bucket bag released a series of models, the audience still seemed blurred in the state, many big names have launched a style of its own style bucket bag section, 2016 Spring Fashion Zhou stage bucket bag also shine.

In recent years, the fashion circle retro fad, with retro forever blowing endless trend of the most representative small box touches more and more fire. If you are tired of those bad streets of the package, it would be better to start the back but can carry the distinctive small bags, not only will not hit the bag, but also make you look more fashionable in its degree.

What is hidden in actress bags?

What female stars are hidden in the bag? This is what many users are curious thing, a few days ago, just attended the college entrance examination “national girl” Guan Xiaotong also “Bazaar” interview was turned package it, in addition to the daily cosmetics, the private 19-year-old girl the self-love also carry popular entertainment Self artifact “Mito mobile phone”, but also HelloKitty special edition, so a lot of money with the same girls are very excited, even with the idol with the same phone self-timer!

Guan Xiaotong album closer look will find that, although usually busy filming, but Xiao Nizi life is very exciting, often in online printing “Mito phone” self-portraits, even with the high school students are graduating with this photo mobile phone beat it, visible liking.

It is worth mentioning that the former child star since childhood Guan Xiaotong played Spectral Essence strange variety of “daughter” role, and therefore has a “national girl” in the title, most recently in the joint with Honglei drama starring “Good sir,” she again attracted the attention of the audience, legs plus CP group pocketed the eye, but also highly optimistic about future stardom.