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Real content marketing will bring you ZERO cost

With the rise of new industries, the industry’s business model changes taking place more and more, the electricity supplier industry bear the brunt. Today, e-commerce is a gradual transition from extensive operation to fine flow of user operation stage, the electricity supplier practitioners have also been constantly explore new marketing approach. At the same time, the arrival of the era of IP also contributed to a growing number of electricity providers started thinking about how businesses around its core business of commercial value of the surrounding development, expand their marginal value.

Italy narrowly speaking, IP is with a strong charisma, a large part of which user is a fan of the brand and the product, which has become a fan of spontaneous build a strong community, they are all willing to pay the periphery of brands and products . However, any community is a life cycle, these communities maintain and increase the life cycle, it must be strong support premium content. Content-centric, detonated by the community, “Community + content” combination of boxing to become one of the electricity business marketing in 2016 most commendable.

In this new community productivity, the individual not only consumers, but also potential partners. By the way the community can build ties between people, to break the consumers and producers of natural positioning, freeing social development of productive forces, focusing create and share. Thus able to participate in and influence the world around us, a new interpretation of the Mass, or all the times. This coming of age for all based on a strong relationship, so that was traditional in the core electricity business model and gradually into people-centered.

Hermes maintains the original business strategy

“This is very important for our country, its contribution to our growth. Retail industry we need to remain vigilant, but also as to are worried about.”

While facing an economic downturn, but the company said Hermes in China will continue the existing business strategy, at the same time pay close attention to the strong dollar dragged down by the US retail market trend.

Hermes benefited from the euro in the first half, operating profit recorded a growth of 20% to 748 million euros. Year operating margin reached 32.5% of sales.

And the automotive industry as well as basic resource industries, the luxury goods industry’s shares in August are subject to investor concerns about China’s economic health. But Hermes has said that now the final nail devaluation of the RMB and China stock market crash on the company’s business is still “too early.”

Axel Dumas, president said, “In my opinion, these two events is limited.”

“They fell because of slowing economic growth led to a decline? Are China Shanghai stock market would customer confidence or consumer desires affect? ​​Which we need to pay close attention.”

Does google make us stupid?

Google really makes us “stupid” yet? Not absolute, most of the “common” information, we still have to rely on this type of search engine Google to find our place as possible “answer.” But Google to find information is visible to APP exists in the form of mobile Internet products, is not known for the search engine, which resulted in large surpluses and a lot of gaps, information and knowledge again be disrupted.

More and more users / experts to join the “knowledge network” camps in the past, we can see the sound from the user / expert, the popularity of smart mobile devices, 4G and WiFi network popularity, are so variable transmission of information get easier. Thomas Friedman predictable “world is flat” phenomenon does not appear, but more and more serious information asymmetry, the country will also rely on rich a huge number of asymmetric information Internet companies to make money.

Recently, the opportunity to team introduced a quiz based on the information medium voice switching platform, “inquire about the” circle of friends and previously popular “sub answer” somewhat similar “to inquire about the” business sense, is a voice-based media, to break the information barriers, allow users to very low prices and platform experts in the same horizontal line interaction.

Elevator safety liability insurance

City North Market Supervisory Authority special supervision department staff told reporters, from a practical point of view throughout the country, trapped in an elevator when the incident occurred, “so we added a special compensation provisions trapped in the elevator.” Provisions, residents trapped in 40 minutes to a half an hour in an elevator will receive compensation of 200 yuan, more than a half hour can be awarded 400 yuan (such as charts). The city of North elevator liability insurance coverage by the Chinese People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch. After residents of danger, should promptly call the police rescue call, and call the insurance company’s service hotline 95518 to report. Site survey in the insurance company, the loss is determined after the end of the program, etc., in the case of complete claim documents within 7 days of closing payment, indemnity directly into the account designated by the residents.

Reporters learned that the elevator especially the elevator safety the main responsibility for common property is not clear, often leading to elevator safety management, maintenance, etc. can not timely implementation, often passing the buck after the accident, injury or death is not timely paid. Meanwhile, the maintenance market throat price competition, leading to maintenance is not standardized, the rescue is not timely. More complicated is the use of public maintenance fund elevator security risks, the procedures are complicated and lengthy process, the views of the owners difficult to reach agreement, resettlement housing, housing reform and so did not pay the elevator maintenance funds have a problem is more difficult to pull clear. Implementation of elevator safety liability insurance, will be well dispersed and transfer risks, and enhance the ability to pay, can guarantee the smooth development of payment and so on when the aftermath of accidents.

Municipal Quality Supervision staff told reporters, elevator safety liability insurance is crucial for promoting the safety of the elevator, it is actually a social security elevator safety relief mechanism. Provisions on insurance, in the “People’s Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law” Article XVII presents an incentive policy is to encourage the national special equipment safety liability insurance coverage. However, the current situation throughout the country to promote the point of view, and use his own expense take the enthusiasm is not high, a small number of insured elevator.

Dior 2015 autumn and winter series of handbags

Dior 2015 autumn and winter series of 30 models will be available by the bag, a collection of exotic bags each one to the United States not party material.

Dior2015 Fall Winter Diorama is the protagonist of the bag, plus a unique artistic geometric patterns are more popular this season highlights the feminine design, autumn and winter iconic rare leather bag given treasures like the noble sense. The new mirror sunglasses added masculine design, also with Dior domineering exquisite. Special materials ankle boots get people to see the show live praise, and seven points suit with sexy and elegant.

This quarter the bag is also a breakthrough in color, bold exaggerated color gives the bag a new aesthetic.

Striae mechanism more eye-catching handbags, exaggerated color, classic design, plus free and easy pattern, giving a beautiful and noble feeling.

Raf Simons at Christian Dior led more and more colorful and young, are increasingly presented along with bags of colorful feeling. Christian Dior bag 2015 new winter silhouette is more varied. Bright neon colors, art style illustration style emerged young feel. This quarter release further a handbag, semicircular design, although not as angular as Diorama, but officially this sleek curved design distinguishes the bag.

Highest single financing of Japanese Bank

China Three Gorges Group is a direct government management of the “central enterprises.” It is the world’s largest hydroelectric company operates the Three Gorges Dam is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Three Gorges Group is also involved in the same time by the Chinese Silk Road Fund was established at the end of 2014 funded by Pakistan and other hydropower business, as corporate policy of strong color.

The company in 2015 also decided to build a large hydroelectric power station in Nepal. The march was also Brazil as a “going out” strategy of a ring. The purpose of the financing is to obtain the right to operate power stations and so on. Because is expected to achieve a stable income, so the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ may think low risk. At the same time guaranteed by other banks to reduce credit risk.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ hoping to promote the financing of large-scale business in China. China first quarter of 2016, real economic growth of 6.7%, the lowest level in seven years. After April, exports and private investment continued to slump, it has not really hit bottom. In the Japanese-funded enterprises to major customers increasingly cautious investment in equipment in the background, for Chinese financing of Japanese banks is slowing down markedly.

Put bags and scarved into the Nature

Showcase branding is a window. Brand image, product information, the latest policy can be accessed through a well-designed and decorated windows passed to the customer. We have had to showcase designers and their work skills done a report, detailing whether it is fast fashion brand or luxury brand for window display of attention. Recently, the French luxury brand Hermes in window design on another new work. Hermes in Tokyo and Shanghai flagship store, you have the opportunity to see Hermes products are in harmony with nature.

The group window is a French artist Isabelle Da? Ron to echo Hermes 2016 annual theme “La Nature au Galop (Nature at full Gallop, gallop between the natural world)” specially designed. By using different window enlarged “drop” of water makes up different shapes, Da? Ron hope reflects the natural state, and thus appeal to everyone face up precious natural resources.

Of course, as a product showcase, Da? Ron also need to perfect the product into the carefully constructed scene. Thus, the following scene occurred: windblown waves while blown away scarves, scarves for the winter and return, geese wings air lodestar; gloves and man-made changes you want to watch the water flow morphology, interpretation theme “made” wave; tableware, accessories and all the water has formed a life usage scenarios.

Recommended big fashion bags for spring and summer

These days in the season, you are not also change package of it! Bright spring day, you have your bag full of the taste of spring and summer we go! Brilliant sunshine plus colorful pretty package to match.

This shoulder bag by its well-loved “Traveller” series. It uses pale pink leather texture is refined, and with the brand’s iconic polished rivets and seam handle, the perfect blend of blooming spring and tough demeanor.

Moschino will be a new batch of pop culture icon –1990’s superhero cartoon “The Powerpuff Girls” – into their 2016 spring and summer series of weird being. This sleek shoulder bag with smooth leather and decorated with silver hardware accessories. Bag printed with small policewoman “flower” Avatar, tassel strap is even more lovely.

The texture of PVC bucket bag printed in Italy have made people smile a matchbook patterns to help you perfect interpretation of the brand new season show style. It is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, including the mouth with drawstring detail, golden brand signs at the side of the bag body shine. Satin lining interior also features a convenient patch pocket, intimate practical design and attractive.

This mini shoulder bag with plum purple Ayers snakeskin, superb Italian craftsmanship made with soft suede trim and the brand’s iconic silver clasp. Flip at the seams decorated with colored leather trim, so that a single product has a colorful and beautiful suction eye of fashion, with satin-lined interior storage space can be securely carry your essential items. Removable shoulder strap wish, above party carrying handle.