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Credit makes finance

Credit is the source of economic operation of the system’s core, wealth. Only comprehend credit itself, through to complex economic phenomena confused, insight into the nature of the economy. Conversely, loss of trust, lack of credit, a contract is a piece of paper, a piece of paper currency, the paper stock may even not as good, no amount of resources is not wealth.

With the advent of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the times, the integrity of financial services has become an important factor in the development of financial services, an important part of competition in the industry, as well as the focus of market competition lies. Star of Wealth Shanghai Investment Management Consulting company has always been the lifeblood of credit for businesses and gold assets in all corners of the financial markets, credit relations of each participant as an interlocking and mutually premise organic network, or will pass, good corporate credit market opportunity is much stronger competitive advantage to gain market recognition and reputation on high, on the contrary, it will fall into a vicious cycle of poor credit, and even expelled out of the market.

Financial integrity is adequate allocation of social resources and the means to achieve free movement of capital, reducing market transaction costs, savings and capital flows necessary prerequisite to accelerate capital turnover. Lack of funds flowing from one party to the surplus, ownership and use of funds meant the separation of ownership also means funds bear a certain degree of risk. If the borrower party does not keep its promise, failed to fulfill timely debt service obligations, will result in financial losses lenders. Over time, it will generate too much credit crunch phenomenon even refused loans, with the result that the financial market is gradually shrinking. Only to further enrich financial services, further enhance the financial integrity of financial markets in order to further open up creativity.

LONGCHAMP 2016 spring bow Legend Series

The new Legend Series LE PLIAGE® HÉRITAGE bow selection of fine leather and top production process fully reflects the Longchamp excellence. Season package shall vibrant colors and elegant dynamic design passionate interpretation of the latest fashion trends in Paris.

This essential package shall tradition of the classic design style and silhouette and bold, cleverly mixed trend this season the main color, highlights unique luxurious texture. Lively and bright terracotta color and black, elegant concise sand gray with khaki, combined with beige icing on the cake, delicate soft baby pink and black hit color, ivory white and then to balance the overall tone. Delicate black beaded flip lock coordinate the overall color combination exudes elegant and charming temperament.

This series of four packages to choose from: two classic handbag models, a stylish messenger bag models and a trend of the envelope bag models. The new design of the package shall envelope comfortable yet modern elements, it is indispensable luxury single product.

“Internet +” will recreate human’s life

Today, the Internet has been fully integrated into the human way of life, mode of production, and even the operation of the entire human society, I can say, I am afraid that the Internet can be counted as the 20th century, mankind’s greatest invention.

2015, Li Jiabao in his government work report first proposed the “Internet +” action plan for the Internet to transform traditional industries in-depth discussion and interpretation; Then, in the government work report in 2016, has clearly stated that ” Internet + “XI plan of action so that all walks of life and quickly into the” Internet + “into the stage. Some even boldly predicted that the “Internet +” will play the role of “power” in the first industrial revolution, the promotion of the entire human community-acquired revolutionary change and rapid development.

Compared with most of the action to the previous technological change in different industrial upgrading, “Internet +” in actually influenced and changed the lives of everyone. Taobao, led to the electricity supplier, is to subvert our traditional shopping habits, custom manufacturing of some kind of vertical electric business even being previously unattainable brought before ordinary consumers; US group, glutinous rice, public comment and other Internet platforms let us eat in the choice of a more transparent and convenient; where to go, Ctrip and other sites, can arrange hotel, travel, car rental and other matters based on our travel intelligence; ant short rent, etc. from the share point of view, so that we can use more lower prices and better service affinity, get accommodation solutions; tourism, with the group no longer limited, and tickets to access other primitive behavior, start adding precise travel, travel and financial services; high moral map that allows us wise to avoid congested find the destination; rain doctors, registered net is committed to making all citizens more even, more convenient, more just enjoy the excellent medical resources; at the same time, Internet + education, but also let the poorest, the most remote mountain children can enjoy high-quality child with the big cities of educational resources.

Take care of both income security and mobility

“Use of venture capital from the historical experience, the existence of a sound corporate governance structure to promote the role and function of the capital market will help promote the development and improvement. As for venture capital game between Stakeholders, payable in the leading the market mechanism to measure. “China Securities Law Research Association Deputy Secretary-General Zheng BCR accept the” Securities Daily “interview.

BCR Zheng said that the use of venture capital must first take into account the profitability, safety and liquidity. Especially the volume of venture capital is usually relatively large, so we must be well the three unified. Thus, the capital market has become the best platform, relatively large, relatively stable earnings of listed companies has become a subject can be a priority.

“Coupled with economic restructuring background and environment, such as on the subject of our existing capital markets are not too many banks, and real estate is preferred having greater necessity. In addition, the use of risk capital must withstand test of legitimacy, legal norms must be run under the constraints under which the rule of law. “BCR Zheng told reporters.

Xia Jun, general manager of investment in Guangzhou Huang Jianfei accept the “Securities Daily” reporters, he said that the insurance company needs equity asset allocation in more urgent than ever. Since the rate of return of financial products to promote its various folk tend to be more high, money fund products and universal insurance products exist homogenization feature on the expected rate of return, the insurance company needs on the expected rate of return more attractive, it is necessary to increase the proportion of equity assets.

“Policy relaxation to qualified insurance companies provide investment and merger of large blue-chip financial security. According to the relevant provisions of the CIRC, meet the requirements of the insurance companies, the ceiling for investment in a single blue chips accounted for by the end of the quarter, the total assets of 5 percent to 10 percent; investment equity assets ratio of 30% upper limit can be further blue chip holdings, asset balances equity holdings after no more than 40% of total assets at the end of last quarter, “Huang Jianfei representation.

Florence’s top luxury bags

The so-called luxury storm, what is the ultimate price, or the ultimate technology, is the ultimate high-grade, extreme or unconventional. Since ancient times, luxury is the dream of many people’s minds, represents the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of the ultimate. But for the Chinese public, how many people know the true meaning of luxury. “Cloud flower her capacity, spring whisk threshold Revlon. If not first group of Yushan See will to Yaotai next month every”, which is the beauty of ancient beauty pursuit of apparel temperament reflect and mood, the modern women are more stressed that the new dress aesthetic visual effects, fashion tastes and trends, especially for the best luxury bag brand is love to the extreme.

“Roman Holiday” in Princess Anne beautiful, elegant and noble temperament conquered countless audiences of all ages, regardless of men and women, young and old. Elegant woman model – Audrey Hepburn, not only looks beautiful, and full of wisdom. Savor Hepburn decent decoration, you will find her attractive face must not be limited, its decent jewelry with perfect lift her noble qualities presented simple bag is probably her elegant flavor. To be able to offer more extreme luxury bag for the modern woman, from the 1968 Italian Jane Rorty, coming with ancient and charming Florentine leather goods handmade manufacturing process works perfectly to China for Chinese women luxury collectibles to add new options.

Jane Rorty luxury bags, LV and Gucci Unlike with personal charm. Luxury center in Paris and Florence Avenue, you will find a Jane Rorty’s flagship store, it is a small niche luxury brands, but revealed a retro mysterious and unique atmosphere of the king. Designers from concept design excellence and imagination, Jane Rorty luxury bag has not play beautiful, but to highlight the perfect temperament. Million flowers as her king peony, not contests, but enjoy the luxury, but do not hope people pick far aromatic overflow.

The actual budget deficit of this year is over 5 trillion

The first half of the proactive fiscal policy orientation precision force for steady growth and supply-side structural reforms escort, tax incremental unprecedented intensity. Experts point out that this year’s actual deficit of over 5 trillion yuan, far exceeding the 2008 level of stimulation. The industry expects the second half of the incremental tax cuts is expected to further increase the intensity.

However, experts also pointed out, and the last round of the proactive fiscal policy compared to the current proactive fiscal policy to rely more on tax cuts, is focused on revenue, reduce costs tax cuts. Fiscal policy is a structural policy shift from the total of the policy, economic policy shift from purely economic and social policy. Experts suggest that accelerate the process of fiscal reform and other reforms, so that the dividend policy to play the greatest effect.

From the data, the first half of fiscal spending intensified. According to statistics, the first five months, the national general public budget expenditures 6.6528 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.6%. Among them, the central level of the general public budget expenditure 1.022 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.8%; local general public budget expenditures 5.6308 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.6%

Become the focus of people’s livelihood and spending direction. Data show that education spending 86.7 billion yuan, up 12 percent; social security and employment expenditure of 981.2 billion yuan, up 14.8 percent; health care and family planning spending 540.7 billion yuan, up 21.2%; urban and rural communities spend 652 billion yuan, an increase of 26.5% .

What wide shoulder strap bags would you like to buy?

From Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched the era of shoulder straps crude after the United States and the dregs of the various crude Strap You strap on a prelude to the major brands started to work hard on the shoulder strap, wide shoulder straps have introduced a variety of bags, it was so wide shoulder straps from the previous obscurity to now scored grace, the fire got out of hand.

Despite the fire is not fire, do not say, wide shoulder straps that gave us a big girl’s welfare, even if the bag is small and light, and to back big bag full of stuff on the packaging, spaghetti straps at the back shoulders how hard you know … replaced by wide straps also greatly reducing the burden of the Well. So, now not earlier not later, you should not even consider a wide shoulder strap bag only spoil it?

Xiao Bian first saw Snapshot and do not see how beautiful it is, but the second eye … slowly more and more like a third eye, and now has a ready to start, and on the looks it is a relatively knowledge look bag . Snapshot of course, the biggest selling point is its wide shoulder strap, the bag body is square Mini size, but wide strap big, such a “conflict” playful design, a typical American style back up fun and fashionable.

Different bags on different occasions

Dress with the most important, bags and dress consistent tone, can have a very elegant effect, contrasting colors seems quite eye-catching. For example, a white dress with black bag is definitely noticeable, difference in tone generated will not help the people concerned.

Season handbags mix is ​​also very important. Summer bag should be light-colored or solid color, it will be more harmony with the environment, we need winter with dark bags, seasonal produce and sense of coordination.

Different occasions, with not the same bag. Daily work and leisure, banquets and other occasions need to choose the appropriate bag, with a very important occasion, not leaving for brand-name can be replaced.

According to the requirements of different occasions, to match different styles, different colors of bag. Mostly black bag in the winter, and if you really like the black, in the summer you can also use black bag, if with a black dress, makes you look more elegant in appearance, can bring out a noble atmosphere.

In meetings and other occasions, the use of black packet is still very common, because black can be the perfect match of your temperament. So choose room fashion handbags summer is still quite large, you can choose a variety of packages, to make a amazing woman.

Age is also an important mix of different ages for different types and styles of bags. Young women, to slightly relaxed, lively style, and middle-aged, you need an elegant style.