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The development history of lei jun

As early programmers, who write “deep DOS programming”, “in-depth Windows Programming” code became essential agricultural materials, the achievements of the LEI early reputation. As a professional manager, he and Qiu Bojun WPS carry this banner pole national software, eventually led Kingsoft listed in Hong Kong.

As an investor, investment outstanding, UC and other lucrative (UC returns up to a thousand times), YY, Thunder, cheetahs move successfully IPO. Lei Jun Zhang as large as can be, and thought nothing of yoga, in private yacht on on party, not necessary 47 years of age, remains more than 6 × 12 working hours per week.

However, Lei Jun venture eventually chose again, just because “did not give up a little bit.”

Lei Jun recalled the journey of life, we will find from small to large, LEI are striving to “optimal.” Even during the Wuhan University had admitted to first grade, he still maintained a strong sense of urgency. For example, when he saw some students do not learn nap time, immediately get rid of their own for many years the habit of napping.

However, fate has always seemed like he was joking, the “optimal” Lei Jun, who is always pressure, so that he did not slack off, but always “almost.”

How should we go match with winter messenger bag?

Messenger bag is an essential fashion lady every single product, a lot of girls like sweet outfit, Xiao Bian bring the following with a sweet lady messenger bag, Ms. Messenger bag with a look at how the match.

Cute brown mini messenger bag, with light gray woolen coat, inside wear a striped knit shirt, wearing a strip blue khaki leggings and snow boots this winter with a youth filled with sweet flavor.

Want in autumn and winter with the sweet, the back of a messenger bag temperament, wearing a black skirt bottoming wavelet point, Waipi short coat, wearing a pair of stylish bow shoes, giving the feeling of sweet and well-behaved, very by age was temperament.

Rose Red Fashion Messenger bag with a light blue lace coat jacket very good, oh, inside wearing a black turtleneck sweater, with a pair of stiletto boots, European and American big full range of children, yet sweet.

What are the common characteristics of CEOs?

He took the company is willing to challenge the really difficult problems, you have self-confidence challenge others did not dare to do. Mark each year to their task very difficult to kill to eat meat on their own, how many people here that we can do? Of course, I think you will be a little strange paranoid, so I think this strange man with paranoid is somewhat similar . That is why he can be made to Facebook, may not be able to make the rest of us.
We see Facebook in the global lighting, as well as the middle piece of land less bright. But Avamar such entrepreneurs, in order to enter such a market, so much effort. He learned Chinese to participate in the Board of Tsinghua University to make a speech in Chinese every year, he invited leaders visited his room, but also to show his reading and read the book and have a lot of Chinese characteristic socialism, etc., than Google at that time to enter the Chinese hard times. But he worked hard, he was dedicated to go in this direction. Whether he finally successful, here is his interpretation is powerful, paranoid, self-confident, not afraid of difficulties.

Many on Wall Street people will say, Google reason to do Alphabet, just in order to expand the share price, to cut unprofitable business. In fact, we also do not see how this great company ambitions, Google in early business, especially inside the search, a refined artificial intelligence, refining a brain, you lose any data to it, plus some full recognition , you can solve any problem.
For example, you lost your stock data to it, it will stock. Go to chess you lose it, it will go under the. It is not a platform, but this set of technologies, coupled with the number of cattle, is to create 26 or more great company, so Google is actually very strong, his mind is trying to Google the current value multiplied by 26, in all respects, medicine, investment, all aspects of genetic testing to build a great company.
What did he do things? I recently saw at Stanford a recently graduated student, himself wanted to be a teacher, but Google gave him a $ 2.5 million a year of treatment, we do not ever have to see to a doctor to get this offer? this is 2.5 million not in cash, but cash + stock. But the company in order to achieve this goal, to monopolize the world’s top talent, they do not want Facebook or Microsoft dug such a person. You, as company executives have no courage for a person such treatment, the same doctor came in two and give one person more than another ten companies, you can make sense in the company do? Google is not afraid, that’s what they can do Think Big.

An important implication from the central bank

Offshore renminbi / dollar fell 0.2 percent to 6.6909, the dollar index rose in early New York trading, emerging market currencies and other risky assets primarily under increasing pressure; offshore renminbi currently only about 1% of the distance from the lowest level in 2016.

USD / offshore renminbi in June 30 record high of 6.7021 days, because there were reports that China’s central bank is willing to let the yuan before the end of the year fell to 6.8; exploration January 7 year reached 6.70 Powei may push the dollar / offshore yuan on highs 6.7618.

Analysis of the yuan central parity, “the day before the closing rate + a basket of currencies exchange rate changes,” the formation mechanism visible, the current central parity mechanism itself has played a filter to devalue, smoothing fluctuation effect. Since mid-February to July 4, 16:30 renminbi daily closing price the day most of the time than the weaker central parity, the cumulative depreciation of 2879 basis points, reflecting the downward pressure on market supply and demand-driven; the same period, the actual central parity accumulated depreciation of only 1158 bps.

OCBC Bank in Singapore economist Xie Dongming said that the current central parity mechanism has a smoothing effect, but can not seem to change Yindie yuan, and this will lead to unilateral fell devaluation pressure can not be completely digested. Administrative control, although government hopes to postpone purchase of foreign demand, is expected to wait for two-way volatility is formed to ease the purchase of foreign pressure, but if the actual market situation is not expected direction, will become “warm boiled frog” situation.

White romantic interpretation of luxury bags

Speaking of winter, the most romantic thing in the snow was dressed as snow white world. Usually a lot of love life, love the beauty of female friends, like in snow day snow plum, take pictures. White romantic occasion to have a white dress, female friends often carry bag ornaments, so a sophisticated and stylish luxury white bag essential nature.

To help many consumers before the arrival of the New Year’s first snow, so that their bags have a new atmosphere, weeding network responsible for all and recommended several nowadays by many who love fashion Italian Versace luxury package package.

In recent years, retro air wind swept the entire fashion industry, whether it is fashion magazine cover, or European and American fashion street shooting everywhere retro atmosphere of luxury clothing jewelry. And this white Versace luxury purse retro trend nowadays followed, front sub clinch gold, embossed zipper head combination underlines its restrained without publicity, a unique vintage flavor. In addition, the soft leather bags containing six cards, a camera bag, compact yet fully functional, elegant ladies necessary funds.

In the above two introduced in sober and elegant characteristics of temperament bag after weeding network now there is a white metallic color and a perfect match of luxury fashion gorgeous bags. The details of the full sense of a small bag, white noodles by hand pressure seam brand classic back-shaped pattern, the middle inlaid square LOGO metal plate, both sides of the butterfly-shaped metal buckle decorated with rivets and screws, a hint of romantic femininity in neutral wind. Packet metal design, with a carrying handle and a single Lingge gold chain braided thong strap, can be portable shoulder, famous origin highlight the excellent quality, fashion Daren favorite.

Cooperation of insurance plans

On June 26, Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Xiang Junbo, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation first vice president Shvetsov in Beijing signed a “Joint Action Plan 2016-2018 on cooperation in the field of insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “the Joint Action Plan “).

Signed the “Joint Action Plan” of China and Russia is the insurance industry to implement the consensus the two leaders, to promote the development of Sino-Russian cooperation in important measure of insurance. “Joint Action Plan” will become a programmatic document of cooperation between China and Russia in the field of insurance for both the insurance industry to open up a broader space for cooperation, bring more substantial positive for bilateral relations and economic and trade cooperation to inject new momentum for service between China and Russia key investment projects, support “along the way” strategy has a positive meaning.

The insurance industry as an important part of the financial system to give high attention and active support of the leaders of the two sides. In September 2015, when Chinese and Russian leaders met repeatedly he proposed to expand the Sino-Russian cooperation in the field of insurance. Sino-Russian cooperation in the field of insurance up to national level. November 2015, in order to implement the consensus the two leaders, CIRC Chairman Xiang Junbo to Moscow with the Central Bank of Russia signed the “Sino-Russian Insurance Supervision Memorandum of Understanding.” On this basis, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Russian central bank positive communication, negotiation and signed the “Joint Action Plan.” “Joint Action Plan” to cover travel insurance. Reinsurance, nuclear ECOWAS to establish mutual funds, insurance funds in the field, with the Silk Road economic cooperation, aerospace insurance, insurance, and other heavy machinery of mutual interest, will promote the development of Sino-Russian insurance sector has entered a new historical stage.

They love these bags because they are the necessary goods

Paris Fashion Week in full swing, the new bags show floor to see heart straight itch, early wondering which one to start with, but after all, you want to wait a few months, so it would be better to follow the EU Grilled look at the show outside the influx of people love what bag it? These are able to instantly start style, heart water which one soon buy up!

First is that the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel it, remember last season the show floor, “Lafayette” Karl build the airport? Therefore, this series of bags you more suited for travel, lightweight shoulder bag is not only convenient, but also quite wild to see their interpretation of girlfriends wear, not exactly the best demonstration of early spring travel you to do it!

Korean model Irene Kim also chose the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel bag, square design very type, silver also enhances the texture, with boots, leather skirt, jacket printing, a little cool little romance!

Loewe bag these quarters is really out to the streets for hot single product, with style of Puzzle series is an essential influx of people, black and white with Tongshen, turtleneck plus wool coat, Loewe letters printed pants coupled Martin boots also very handsome!

Wide shoulder strap bags are popular

From Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched the era of shoulder straps crude after the United States and the dregs of the various crude Strap You strap on a prelude to the major brands started to work hard on the shoulder strap, wide shoulder straps have introduced a variety of bags, it was so wide shoulder straps from the previous obscurity to now scored grace, the fire got out of hand.

From Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched the era of shoulder straps crude after the United States and the dregs of the various crude Strap You strap on a prelude to the major brands started to work hard on the shoulder strap, wide shoulder straps have introduced a variety of bags, it was so wide shoulder straps from the previous obscurity to now scored grace, the fire got out of hand.

Xiao Bian first saw Snapshot and do not see how beautiful it is, but the second eye … slowly more and more like a third eye, and now has a ready to start, and on the looks it is a relatively knowledge look bag . Snapshot of course, the biggest selling point is its wide shoulder strap, the bag body is square Mini size, but wide strap big, such a “conflict” playful design, a typical American style back up fun and fashionable.