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China’s Internet has entered the “second half”

According to data from new American and respect given the last 12 months ended June 30, 2016 in the new American and reach 220 million active buyers, App’s number of monthly active users reached 180 million, the new American and said, both are second only to the user metric Ali Baba, more than Jingdong, ranking second in China’s e-commerce platform.

Meanwhile, in the business side, the US group and the completion of the public comment after business integration and open system, all kinds of platforms accumulated POI (Points of Interest) information has reached 20 million, including the establishment of new types of cooperation between American and achieve business 432 million and covering almost all levels of the Chinese city.

In his speech, Wang recalled, “in October last year after the US group and the consolidated public comment, like two rivers sink together. We spent three quarters of the time basically completed the integration of the team, the team convergence is very important, but also very easy, but the company is always to create value outside, in the past have so many colleagues working together, we have a good foundation, we have completed the integration, access to a higher market share. “

You must have japanese and korean styles messenger bags

Fashion handbags is that every little girl can not fashion a single product, the following small series to bring a variety of fashion messenger bag Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea handbags necessary manpower you can not miss!

Like sweet girls dress up this essential Korea frosted pu messenger bag, simple version of the classic design, retro matte pu, thick metal does not rust, wild super nice.

This is a popular Japanese and Korean chain diagonal package must-have item Oh, fresh candy color wild and sweet, metal tower design add fashion sense, small upper body ~ gas feminine charm!

2015 can not miss this fashion with Japan and South Korea wings bag Messenger bag, elegant wings package type, soft and delicate hand round shank, long carry feel tired, join the bottom fashion rivet, more good-looking trend, highlighting the good taste.

There is a problem with company’s development

According to foreign media reports, professional networking site LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman recently in an interview said the sale to Microsoft LinkedIn is a difficult decision. When the company was unable to come up with practical solutions when developing new technologies, we can not compete with Google and Facebook and other large companies. So he was forced to sell to another company British generals technology giant Microsoft.

Hoffman believes that technology companies in order to keep up with Google, Facebook and Microsoft is a big company to maintain long-term competitiveness, we must continue in the future direction of research industry. For small companies, this company great pressure, so many companies chose to sell them to a large group, as a subsidiary, and lost its own characteristics. This is also the development of SMEs can not avoid.

Meanwhile Hofmann also admitted that small and medium companies is difficult to choose short-term gains and long-term benefits. In Microsoft reached with the intention to acquire a year ago, LinkedIn has been in a turmoil. Its face a higher risk of devaluation slowly, looking for large buyers may be more reliable approach. Hoffman said, LinkedIn has a strong competitiveness and advanced technology, but for shareholders, Microsoft’s $ 26.2 billion bid is more tangible benefits for them. Microsoft is LinkedIn the most suitable new home, before facing the pressure will all dissipate, which also allows them to devote yourself to under development.

Most worthy currency in the world

From the hour chart trend, the dollar index continued adjustment section inside since June 24 run on a pullback to the 95.30 dollar index trading positions eligible for support steady rise, days still need to focus on the recent range along the resistance, the dollar index short-term there will still be strong again before their breakthrough. The main idea is in line with the recent direction of the dollar index is still weeks it further to see more and do more planning.

From the strength of the currency, the yen has continued yesterday’s rally yesterday, the strongest currency This is it; the euro, the Swiss franc to run Xianyanghouyi pattern, performance was down rhythm, and therefore classified as moderate Australian and Canadian dollars as well as a significant decline in the pound, these three currency pairs is the weakest currency markets; currency strength.

EUR / USD daily chart shock rhythm whereabouts since May 3 good, the previous trading day the euro rebounded Difficult to close out a big Yinxian, limiting further expand the recent rebound in space. With further enhance the euro rebound kinetic energy, the future continues to break recently hit a low probability of further increases. From the hour chart trend, the euro / dollar since June 24 has been oversold bounce pattern running during operation has been repeatedly demonstrated strong continuity of poor operating characteristics, it is conducive to further expand the space next fall. The previous trading day, the euro rebounded to 1.1185 resistance down, because of the current euro zone still can not get rid of adjustment since June 24, so the process is still running days there will be some rebound.

Miu Miu new amulet bags will be released in the world’s fourteen boutiques

Meandering fashion colorful tone, and to change untiring, while Miu Miu (Miu Miu) from the beginning of creation that is inspired to capture a part of the charm of the senses restless mood, which formed a major feature of a great variety of works in constantly repeat the same theme in showing a variety of characteristics, and therefore man remembered.

On experiments with the inherent spirit and mentality of youthful and lively attitude – rather refers to age, heart Miu Miu women, intertwined with the apparent contradiction and confrontation attitude.

This is the origin of amiulet projects: This series of bags is like a good luck charm (amulet), each is unique magic, so that people in accordance with their own personality to make a choice.

Paragraph 28 handbags are made complicated fine craftsmanship, but showing a rebellious and provocative aesthetic style.

Separation of different materials and fabrics restructuring made an unexpected effect: deliberately create cracks leather; snake skin combined with a resin material; iconic Matelassé fold leather fabric full of original animal texture pattern.

Geranium pink, blue stars, Morello cherry and papaya and other bright colors instead of the prevalent custom colors, the achievements of briefcases, handbags and flip Bowling handbag color wheel.

Actively serving for farmers’ loans

Zhucheng Wei Min Yangzhou Baoying to family farmers grow food, their contracted 1,500 acres of family farms, since the spring continuous rain in Jiangsu Province, harvested wheat fields can not be dried, agitated Zhu head of the farm. This time, he was going to purchase several sets of drying equipment, but the frustration of funds made a worry.

After flashing the ABC Baoying understand the situation, to help him with the farm machinery dealer communication and contact, coordinating agricultural mortgage-related matters, and finally in early June for the payment of a sum of 720,000 yuan Zhucheng Wei dryer loans to help Zhucheng Wei purchased 10 Taiwan dryer, which is the biggest Baoying agricultural mortgages. Zhucheng Wei smiled and I said:. “Thanks to the support of ABC, I only planted 1,500 acres of wheat is not affected, but also the surrounding nearly 13,000 acres of wheat in good condition to the warehouse.”

It is understood that due to the meteorological department forecast the Yangtze River region more rain this year than in previous years, the behavior of farmers in Jiangsu province to reduce wheat extent affected 3285 acres, from the beginning to actively plan, with the Agricultural Bureau of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu province’s largest farm machinery sales chain – chain Jiangsu agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Xin Su collaboration promotion grant agricultural loans, the deadline to present the bank has been on the 268 agricultural cooperatives and large grain purchase of agricultural loans issued more than 5200 million.

In the course of serving rural areas, the bank asked each branch initiative to strengthen agricultural dealer and jurisdiction, and to participate in agricultural fairs, farm machinery and equipment on-site demonstrations of more than 60 games, exhibition display rack, distribute leaflets, to explain the scene, publicize and promote our bank loans the purchase of agricultural products; while outlets, rural service team by means of three rural village liaison officer visited jurisdiction 5408 agricultural cooperatives and grain planting area of ​​more than 500 acres, more than ten thousand kinds of large grain 2 understand their wheat field chemical control, jointing booting services, production and financial needs, the establishment of accounting information, the establishment of target customers.

Listen to this summer’s fashion sense

This paragraph only full three-dimensional grasp fold Wrap, Wrap front panels flat, simple, front panels and side seams by hierarchy grasp fold Baoshen design to create a sense of a large zipper bag and buried deep in the side pockets, strengthening bags storage safety performance.

Angular three-dimensional design, mildly curvature may be the cause of your heart. This paragraph overall sense of strong, large interior space, choose the right models, the right color.

Wrap fabric imported encryption nylon PVC plastic, geology light flexible, waterproof high abrasion resistance, good air permeability. Wow indole also uses SBS zipper head, and mark WOW-INW LOGO, play a security role. Button nylon material, with lightweight characteristics, high mechanical strength, toughness and rigidity.

Wow indole aesthetic and structural data analysis and product capabilities. With reversible thinking designers to create, and then the product of “deconstruction – restructuring” complete continuity, expressing the designer of beauty and practical understanding, modest, caring, not subtlety, in order to bring those who carry original and potential charm.

Authentic fashion Guy Laroche bag

Guy Laroche bag from the French brand Guy Laroche. Unique international fashion taste, providing fashion for the modern woman, elegant and generous fashion items. It is close to the true nature of the natural, the trend with impeccable detail, so that the latest trends continued without a break in the luggage.

Some women in order to save time, on different occasions only use the same package, sometimes because it does not match with dress, it looks inconsistent. It is best prepared several packages, one for work, leisure and dinner and other occasions. At work with the package should be larger, so you can store more essential supplies, but the style must be generous, consistent with the image of work. Prices are inseparable with the quality of the brand. Guy Laroche bags for a female friend to bring elegant taste, whether you attend what the occasion, participate in any kind of activities, wearing Guy Laroche bag can reflect the cultural atmosphere of charm, this is the fashion where it is the value of Guy Laroche bag lies.

A good Guy Laroche bag is not only your good travel companion, but also can give you a whole dress to play the role of icing on the cake, perhaps no Laroche bags you will not feel how, but then if you have to lose, then surely you It will certainly saw it. So, choose a suitable Guy Laroche bags, not only will you win in the forefront of fashion, but also allows you to mix the oil more simple and more convenient choice.