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The founding team has been accelerating the development

Registered in the Cayman court hearing in court overruled the car home, “injunction”, said the transaction can be carried out. Telstra will then update the register of shareholders delivered to Ping An Trust, the formal completion of the delivery. So far, Ping An Trust became the largest shareholder in car home, the majority of the board seats.

On June 26, Qin PL internal mail, “said the company opened a temporary board of directors, and Nicholas I no longer serve as the company’s CEO and CFO”.

On June 27, Telstra responded, hoping to stop the Qin can cause internal information leakage and for Telstra groundless accusations, and hope to continue to maintain good cooperation Qin cause. Subsequently, Qin cause after communicating on behalf of the minority shareholders to the Cayman Islands Court on the complaint. Telstra made the complaint public defense. At this point, the relationship between the Qin and major shareholders caused the verge of breaking.

That same month, car home officially announced that founder Lee would no longer serve as president of car home, leaving only the car home directors, shareholders identity.

People from a financial executive at McKinsey learned exclusively, qichezhijia CEO Qin cause had worked at McKinsey, the share during the battle, Qin cause had help in McKinsey WeChat group. The executives said that for the understanding of the forced acquisition and founding team did not reach the majority of people expressed support for Qin cause emotional.

Casual and simple american style

The annual Ke Qila (Coachella) Festival again started! As the most watched, most stars and the type of people gathered musical feast is also a lot of people expected. Although we can not feel superior sound waves to the scene to bring the atmosphere, but do not worry, waiting for some time, domestic strawberries, etc. Midi Music Festival will be kicked off. Before the beginning of the carnival, your Festival Style must-have item is ready for it? Let’s take a look at this issue of the fashion blogger Rumi Neely outfit secrets, I believe we will give you a dress with inspiration!

From San Diego fashion blogger Rumi Neely is a hybrid between Japan and Scotland, with a slender model-like figure is not that enviable vest line, a look that bit of fitness people. Look at the Ins Rumi Neely is not difficult to find, dress her in private that no other fashion bloggers so complicated compelling, but in casual and simple American style based.

Look out Look shorts + boots are the most common mix Rumi Neely, empathy this dress is also very suitable for during the festival. In addition, with a crude bandage strap sandals by age jeans, suspenders and tight jeans with a bunt white shoes Look also suitable not only for daily wear during the festival put on the body. In the bag, Rumi Neely tend small handbag or small chain bag, so not only lightweight but also significant figure of the street.

One thing Entrepreneurs should consider

Star Legend WILL future World Congress held today, Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings attended the meeting. Liu stressed that under the current environment, innovation and entrepreneurship to give the State Department, government support, this is not a slogan but a national strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Commenting on the recent British Liu off to Europe, the dramatic changes in the US presidential election, the pattern of the world has a huge uncertainty. He believes that entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, the most afraid of is uncertainty. From the terms of the national level, a comparison between the country’s economic strength is the strength of even the military is also based on economic basis, while the strength of comparative economic strength of the enterprise, the enterprise’s actual strength of the enterprise innovation capacity, as well as the national youth innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship is not a slogan, but the strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Liu recalled the history of the development of China, the change of dynasties from prosperity to decline, ad infinitum, until the West is nothing new emergence of the steam engine, the power of invention, innovation abroad to promote China but this backwater lake, formed a political reform, the world situation The change. About 40 years ago, PC machines have a huge push for the construction of information of the major industries in the world, is to promote the Internet today, the rapid development of mobile Internet, which makes people’s life, work, and society as a whole has been a great promote. This is to bring the power of innovation.

Gold and silve have been the best investment items recently

This week, the precious metals market volatility of each investment products accompanied by increased risk aversion warming. Especially in July, the price of silver came from behind gold prices picked up the pace, gold and silver prices fall rapidly than appears, or implied begin mid-reversal.

Message from the current perspective, the reasons for the current round of rising prices of gold and silver can be analyzed from the following three aspects. First, the Fed’s recent meeting was more cautious than the market expected, suggesting interest rates during the year time nodes may be delayed, which also makes the one hand from the Fed show for future economic recovery process concerns. Affected by the dollar index certain degree of decline, while gold and silver prices to give medium-term support.

Second, the end of June, the British off the European referendum the market in an uproar, panic suddenly warming. As the day of June 24, the international spot gold prices rose 4.75%, to refresh the record highs. At the same time, the market price and then make massive turnover rising point again.

Moreover, from the demand point of view, according to the statistics show that there is a strong seasonal factors affect the price of gold and silver. Into the second half, due to the current precious metal prices have been located in historic lows, while the year eight ninety-three month is precious metal sales season, therefore, physical demand blowout may have been ahead of the market’s reaction.

Roger Vivier launched a special series of bags for valentines day

Inspired by love notes, facing the look of hope, but also a Tanabata to our side. In this annual Tanabata romantic warmth of the dawn, Roger Vivier for the lovers will launch a special series of bags Symphony stars, with bright diamond, fine satin reinventing classic, like exposure to fairy tale of love in the world, to keep lovers among the happiest moment of eternity!

Ballerine brand classic ballet flat shoes with rhinestones gradient coating iconic buckles, eye-catching, but also the continuation of the Roger Vivier Roger Weiwei Ya always elegant and refined temperament style. Diamond toe as numerous stars on the night, closely linked together, showing a colorful and dazzling light arc, as if to tell the bright timeless love between lovers.

Pilgrim evening bags in the collections of dazzling rhinestones and delicate satin perfect stitching, staggered rich colors extends Baoshen simple and neat lines. Three different color scene all mixed colors, elegant pink, red, strong, mysterious black, the exquisite design and romantic whimsy turned as a token of love, the eternal freeze hands.

Roger Vivier Roger Weiwei Ya 2015 Symphony series was all starry-store boutique city, in this romantic Tanabata, or her own beloved leaving a Symphony, lit stars like love!

International Exchange Rate Shakes Heavily

British “off Europe” event triggered volatility of international currency, the pound, the euro, Australian dollar and other sharp depreciation of the exchange rate, the pound fell to 30 years is low. Exchange rate volatility induced sea Amoy family’s “pink eye” to the European sea Amoy hot again.

Recently, the British pound tumbled against the dollar, ignited the enthusiasm of domestic sea Amoy family to buy British and European goods. The largest ocean pier sea shopping platform data show that in the UK “off Europe” events, doubling sales of European goods, only on the contribution of British goods Liucheng sales.

Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that the end of every 6-8 months, has always been the most crazy discount season in Europe. Currency benefited from the British “off Europe” after the volatility, the equivalent of European goods provided “credit” offer.

Yang said the dock workers, for example, to the classic Burberry trench coat, for example, “off Europe” before it takes 13,757 yuan, “off Europe” caused the pound plummeted the day, the lowest 12,203 yuan can get our hands on, the difference of up to 1554 yuan. LV Neverfull bag, the difference is “off Europe” is also up to around 885 yuan.

However, different currencies against the RMB exchange rate movements different effects on sea Amoy also different. For example, in pounds, when the euro plunged against the dollar also devalued. 4 months late, the US dollar against the yuan reported 6.45 to 6.47; to the end of June, the US dollar against the yuan reported 6.65 to 6.67, within two months of RMB devaluation of 3%, apparently in June to spend more money to buy American goods.

New wallet entered mobile payment market

Microsoft officially announced to enter the mobile payments market, although Microsoft will call it cloud payment services. As previously reported, as, Microsoft Wallet is a new Windows 10 Mobile mobile payment application that allows part of the Lumia models. In addition, Microsoft directly with MasterCard and Visa collaborated, which means that any contactless payment in the end will support Microsoft Wallet, Microsoft’s mobile payment services in addition also supports bonus points, as well as a variety of membership cards.

The current mobile payment market is extremely competitive, but this time the opportunity for Microsoft to launch a mobile payment service is good, because, like the Samsung Pay Apple Pay and other global expansion has helped pioneer Microsoft deployed a large number of contactless payment terminals. Microsoft Wallet is currently supported banks, including Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, Union Bank. When using the membership card will feature business card barcode scanning applications, but some businesses will also require the user to produce a physical card photo.

Microsoft Wallet is currently only in the United States on the line in support of Windows 10 Mobile (Insider Build 14360 and higher), supported models include 650 and Lumia 950,950 XL, only through the payment password authentication, after all, Windows 10 Mobile devices are also listed a model which does not support the fingerprint identification, but the upcoming HP Elite X3 flagship business will become the first to support the fingerprint recognition Win10 Mobile models.

South Korean fashion clutch

Girls combination of popular artistes alone allow children to participate in fashion events, dressed in a classic little black dress is able to lift the little girl’s dress sense, in the past are like carrying carrying large bags allow children this time chose a piece ginger clutch, with the soft texture of the leather material is more advanced texture, which can certainly be regarded as the shape of a big bright spot, look back again and again.

Girls combination of popular artistes alone allow children to participate in fashion events, dressed in a classic little black dress is able to lift the little girl’s dress sense, in the past are like carrying carrying large bags allow children this time chose a piece ginger clutch, with the soft texture of the leather material is more advanced texture, which can certainly be regarded as the shape of a big bright spot, look back again and again.

Nude-colored suits not only the girl’s soft and elegant, neutral wind to better reflect the different kind of cool feeling, the same is to participate in the wedding of Lee Byung Hun Jung the interpretation of a range of children in Europe and America. Clutch large section of the bully in your hand was really feeling little girls, but who said clutch must be neat compact good, this is also very prominent British Gas it, but Xiao Nizi legs and then close some of the more handsome.