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Cooperate with so many customers in Southeast Asia

Wild ways are born, grew up not play by the rules. “Credit door”, the father was a beaten Wu Meng, has thus realized, “Chu Laihun always” the truth. He would like to see, brains to make money too, on their own.

1990s heyday of Hong Kong and Taiwan chip, Chow Yun Fat movie series starring the God of Gamblers swept Southeast Asia, the cyclone has blown idol Wu Meng Language northeast of town. 10 years old, he sprouted gather all things, when the idea of ​​Big Brother. He took a few children, hand-built a number of prizes, including the time the tide Mobile phone models. With these prizes rustled up a game tournament, rules of the game, participate in the competition can win prizes, a dime a ticket, to near the school children are attracted. Money hand, took little friends squandered.

13 years old, business telephone song is very popular. 3 yuan a song, Wu Meng song at home, holding the phone, listening fascinated. One month down, the home phone more than 300 yuan song fee. Mother in hospital work, more than a month wages, which look mother spent two months wages.

Childhood fun, play to spend money, wanted a way to earn enough money to spend, which makes Wu Meng always had business acumen. Plus daring, willing to share, many small partners like to follow him. These personality traits childhood for later embarked on the road of entrepreneurship planted seeds. After a long gestation the seed, take root in high school.

Small messenger bag is a must-have

In fact, buy bags of it is always a common theme, the girls say, we are willing to make investments in the bag, also from campus school girl to a mature white-collar women, whether big or flat price, everyone’s clothes the cupboard has numerous bags, baths, so what, the summer temperatures and higher and higher, those of you who usually work handbag large enough for school, shopping weekend appointments will need to be a small satchel liberate your hands slightly, so the season has become a small messenger bag you buy buy buy important single product, seals the king for you recommend a messenger bag and two dress with a single product recommendation!

Meet the weekend with a few friends, the United States and the United States put on a dress plus a pair of sneakers or high heels is the best choice for you, do not install too many items, small enough to go out the essential thing is enough, so in the bag You can pick up some bright colors or messenger bag decorated with beads, the shape is so concave up.

In addition to being home to summer dresses, pants but also of the world, holes in jeans and striped pantyhose, suit pants, and so are the hot season pants single product, such as white lily tight leg jeans, canvas shoes, baseball shirt + with a very casual, and then with a small bag is dotting; there are black and white look Song Qian also look feminine, a white shirt + black trumpet trousers tight leg and then with the chain bag, presumably a lot of mature women preferred.

AI would subvert future business management

When people refer to the application of artificial intelligence at work, the first reaction is usually on a factory assembly line robots, however, as the world’s largest human resources company LinkedIn founder Reid • Hoffman is a different view .

In the MIT Sloan Management Review article written by Hoffman talked about the application of artificial intelligence technology. In addition to a number of other industries as we know, Hoffman made special mention of the impact of artificial intelligence on enterprise management, data such as the use of science and technology can improve our recruiting new employees, organizational work processes, and the way of communicating. He predicted that in the next five years, artificial intelligence technology will subvert the traditional enterprise management, especially for the application of “knowledge map”, will become the future standard enterprise management.

Imagine a spider diagram, a very complex network, comprising the above daily interaction of employees, emotion, and all the office workflow information. You can use a similar diagram to outline your company out? AI can handle massive files, e-mail and data, providing unprecedented access to information, helping us to delegate work, track tasks, to show results.

Gold price has reached the highest level in the past five days

After the British off the European referendum, gold bulls won new “policy.” In fact, although the market about the Fed rate hike heard the voice, but this year the cumulative gold rose more than 28%, indeed called beautiful comeback.

The industry believes that: Although gold up a lot, but with a record high of $ 1900 / ounce compared, there is a lot of space. Now, gold is moving away more than three years of bear market, he looked into the Dallas City.

HSBC Bank (HSBC) on Tuesday released a report that will be raised to an ounce on the 2016 average gold price of $ 1275, while the 2017 average price forecast raised to 1310 dollars per ounce. In addition, the bank expects 2018 gold will average US $ 1270.

State Street Global Advisors (State Street Global Advisors) Asia-Pacific vice president and ETF gold expert Robin Tsui, said in an interview, even if the Fed will raise interest rates again in December this year into account, the price of gold may still end up to an ounce 1400- $ 1,450. If the Fed does not raise interest rates in December, the price of gold will be higher than this level.

This week’s market focus shifted to the United States, the focus of the event will include the Fed minutes released on Wednesday and the US June non-farm payrolls data on Friday. With Britain out of the EU decision, the market has almost ruled out the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates during the year. The current market for the United States in June Nonfarm employment is expected to be 162,000, if the final result in line with expectations, or compared with the previous values ​​are significantly improved, then this will reassure markets worried about the US economy, but if it still continued weak employment data trend, the market is likely to reassess the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates, and thus will make gold rise again.

Dior launched a new Lady Dior handbag

Designed by the architect Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino decoration of the new Dior Dior boutique grand opening in Seoul, South Korea. Take this opportunity, on-site art gallery will host a VIP salon named Lady Dior As Seen By enlightening exhibition, special exhibition Seon Ghi Bahk, Jung Pyo Hong and Oh You Kyeong the three Korean artist completed three new works.

With its distinctive personality, history and structured sleek lines, Lady Dior has naturally become the best art exhibition’s theme. Since 2011, the brand’s iconic handbags after a global interpretation of the artist’s personality, the emergence of an exquisite and unique sublimated artwork. From these artists interpretation of the works will be on display at the Lady Dior As Seen By enlightenment during the exhibition. This exhibition has been in China, Japan, and Italy, to great acclaim, and is now successfully entered South Korea in Seoul, a great debut in the brand new boutique on the 5th floor of the VIP salon gallery. Visitors can in this space, the freedom to explore the creative world of artists. They expand the bold imagination with photography, sculpture and other art forms of alternative reproduction iconic handbag.

Interdisciplinary Artists Olympia Scarry transparent glass to create a new Lady Dior handbag bag, Fann design works exactly like a fossilized crocodile head, Patrick Demarchelier is furnished with a unique photography scene, in addition, You’ll enjoy the Nan Goldin and David Lynch’s masterpiece.

To celebrate The House of Dior boutique grand opening, the three Korean artists also joined the exhibition team: In Jung Poy Hong hands This classic handbag transformed into a delicate soft sculpture; Seon Ghi Bahk carbon material and gold leaf skillfully mixed, creating a delicate art world; Oh You Kyeong was the brand’s iconic masterpiece to create a unique geometry to make it even more perfect silhouette. For all artists, this bag is worthy of taking a inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Slowing Down of Domestic Iron Industry

Steel production enthusiasm has receded. In June, the index was 42.5% iron and steel industry production, dropped 11.2 percent last month, the index dropped again after a lapse of two months to less than 50% of the ups and downs of the line, and the two fell even this year lowest point. At the same time, production-related procurement activities also shrank trend. With the expansion of the industry loss, the impact of lower demand and the downturn in Tangshan environmental factors such as limited production, steel production enthusiasm is declining, the latter domestic steel production will continue to fall.

Furthermore, as the consumer market into traditional off-season, high-density rainfall and busy construction schedule so that downstream of slowing down, the amount of steel terminal market and therefore greatly reduced, circulation enthusiasm orders also decreased, steel orders increased tissue pressure . From a market point of view, June market gradually transferred off-season demand, around the hot and rainy weather increases the formation of a greater impact on the construction, the terminal needs to be weaker overall.

The cost of supporting efforts in the steel industry has been enhanced. In June, the steel industry, the purchase price index fell sharply trend continued last month, down 10.5 percentage points to 50.4%, but still in expansionary territory, showing the cost of steel companies remained high, the cost of steel support efforts It has been enhanced. Grade of 62% Platts iron ore index is currently at US $ 55 per tonne, up $ 5.1 MoM. Overall, the current iron ore supply increased, demand has weakened, iron ore prices continue to rise, lack of motivation.

The latest shoes and bags will always appear in her taxi

Taxi on the way to work every day, will take a picture, the same day the sun bags and shoes fashion blogger Eva Chen is actually severe Instagram addicts, after the “LUCKY” leave, she went to the favorite Instagram start co-director of the fashion. Eva Chen is a Chinese, not a glance looks amazing, plus refreshing short hair was a bit special. She loves to laugh and easygoing personality, but also let her passion to do their favorite work.

We are looking forward to her day in the car out of the fresh ingenuity with Po, from affordable Everlane to Balenciaga shoes, as well as to a variety of front-line big bag trend of the brand, everything. Eva Chen was busy all day and will not work after upgrading to hot mom, she always took time off to accompany her daughter, she packs a day in addition to sun, sun shoes, sun eat sun cosmetics is the baby of the sun.

Woman for very many, so you can neutral and to be feminine, easily play a variety of match confidence extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Let you know where the bag is made

“Yau-off” is the city’s Rookie Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 its own brand. This was established in 1998 luggage company, created in the beginning positioned as product development, manufacturing and marketing in one, very focused on supporting the downstream industry chain. The first few years, the rookie group with luggage Pinghu most businesses, mainly to OEM processing. However, the founder Shi Jihong is not content to be a OEM manufacturer, a brand, a brand-name over in his mind never stopped. After completion in 2001, “Yau-off” trademark registered in China, the rookie first to set foot on the road of its own brand. In 2002, “Yau-off” in the United States and the European Union have also been registered.

To build a well-known brand, product quality is the key. How to improve quality? In 2003, the Group set up the first rookie luggage physical and chemical laboratories in the country, to ensure quality control luggage rationalization, standardization, and environmental compliance. “To go through a zipper can be used after 8000 times the fatigue test to pass, a trolley wheel to go through a continuous 30 km test to pass.” It was so tough to detect, and strictly ensure the quality of the brand rookie luggage. Excellent product quality but also for the rookie to win a higher market reputation.

With carefully crafted to enhance the “leisurely off” brand, in 2008, the group scored the first rookie Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, to all participants free green bag, and became the sponsor of the forum was the only private enterprise. After that, they Pinghu luggage and BFA forged a bond, annual Congress, “Yau off” brand bags are a guest of meetings with representatives of the specified package stunning debut. From the initial environmental information kits, and later computer briefcase, to last year’s ultra-light folding waterproof shoulder bag. This year’s Boao national ceremony “Yau-off” has a new bright spot: aluminum carry hand, very wide shape, invisible braces, humane document mezzanine, designed with stationery pencil case, can Shoulin can shoulder back to Messenger, and specifically ordered a commercial gray and red two colors China, providing a wide range of functional experience for the guests.