What wide shoulder strap bags would you like to buy?

From Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched the era of shoulder straps crude after the United States and the dregs of the various crude Strap You strap on a prelude to the major brands started to work hard on the shoulder strap, wide shoulder straps have introduced a variety of bags, it was so wide shoulder straps from the previous obscurity to now scored grace, the fire got out of hand.

Despite the fire is not fire, do not say, wide shoulder straps that gave us a big girl’s welfare, even if the bag is small and light, and to back big bag full of stuff on the packaging, spaghetti straps at the back shoulders how hard you know … replaced by wide straps also greatly reducing the burden of the Well. So, now not earlier not later, you should not even consider a wide shoulder strap bag only spoil it?

Xiao Bian first saw Snapshot and do not see how beautiful it is, but the second eye … slowly more and more like a third eye, and now has a ready to start, and on the looks it is a relatively knowledge look bag . Snapshot of course, the biggest selling point is its wide shoulder strap, the bag body is square Mini size, but wide strap big, such a “conflict” playful design, a typical American style back up fun and fashionable.

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