Take care of both income security and mobility

“Use of venture capital from the historical experience, the existence of a sound corporate governance structure to promote the role and function of the capital market will help promote the development and improvement. As for venture capital game between Stakeholders, payable in the leading the market mechanism to measure. “China Securities Law Research Association Deputy Secretary-General Zheng BCR accept the” Securities Daily “interview.

BCR Zheng said that the use of venture capital must first take into account the profitability, safety and liquidity. Especially the volume of venture capital is usually relatively large, so we must be well the three unified. Thus, the capital market has become the best platform, relatively large, relatively stable earnings of listed companies has become a subject can be a priority.

“Coupled with economic restructuring background and environment, such as on the subject of our existing capital markets are not too many banks, and real estate is preferred having greater necessity. In addition, the use of risk capital must withstand test of legitimacy, legal norms must be run under the constraints under which the rule of law. “BCR Zheng told reporters.

Xia Jun, general manager of investment in Guangzhou Huang Jianfei accept the “Securities Daily” reporters, he said that the insurance company needs equity asset allocation in more urgent than ever. Since the rate of return of financial products to promote its various folk tend to be more high, money fund products and universal insurance products exist homogenization feature on the expected rate of return, the insurance company needs on the expected rate of return more attractive, it is necessary to increase the proportion of equity assets.

“Policy relaxation to qualified insurance companies provide investment and merger of large blue-chip financial security. According to the relevant provisions of the CIRC, meet the requirements of the insurance companies, the ceiling for investment in a single blue chips accounted for by the end of the quarter, the total assets of 5 percent to 10 percent; investment equity assets ratio of 30% upper limit can be further blue chip holdings, asset balances equity holdings after no more than 40% of total assets at the end of last quarter, “Huang Jianfei representation.

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