“Internet +” will recreate human’s life

Today, the Internet has been fully integrated into the human way of life, mode of production, and even the operation of the entire human society, I can say, I am afraid that the Internet can be counted as the 20th century, mankind’s greatest invention.

2015, Li Jiabao in his government work report first proposed the “Internet +” action plan for the Internet to transform traditional industries in-depth discussion and interpretation; Then, in the government work report in 2016, has clearly stated that ” Internet + “XI plan of action so that all walks of life and quickly into the” Internet + “into the stage. Some even boldly predicted that the “Internet +” will play the role of “power” in the first industrial revolution, the promotion of the entire human community-acquired revolutionary change and rapid development.

Compared with most of the action to the previous technological change in different industrial upgrading, “Internet +” in actually influenced and changed the lives of everyone. Taobao, led to the electricity supplier, is to subvert our traditional shopping habits, custom manufacturing of some kind of vertical electric business even being previously unattainable brought before ordinary consumers; US group, glutinous rice, public comment and other Internet platforms let us eat in the choice of a more transparent and convenient; where to go, Ctrip and other sites, can arrange hotel, travel, car rental and other matters based on our travel intelligence; ant short rent, etc. from the share point of view, so that we can use more lower prices and better service affinity, get accommodation solutions; tourism, with the group no longer limited, and tickets to access other primitive behavior, start adding precise travel, travel and financial services; high moral map that allows us wise to avoid congested find the destination; rain doctors, registered net is committed to making all citizens more even, more convenient, more just enjoy the excellent medical resources; at the same time, Internet + education, but also let the poorest, the most remote mountain children can enjoy high-quality child with the big cities of educational resources.

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