White romantic interpretation of luxury bags

Speaking of winter, the most romantic thing in the snow was dressed as snow white world. Usually a lot of love life, love the beauty of female friends, like in snow day snow plum, take pictures. White romantic occasion to have a white dress, female friends often carry bag ornaments, so a sophisticated and stylish luxury white bag essential nature.

To help many consumers before the arrival of the New Year’s first snow, so that their bags have a new atmosphere, weeding network responsible for all and recommended several nowadays by many who love fashion Italian Versace luxury package package.

In recent years, retro air wind swept the entire fashion industry, whether it is fashion magazine cover, or European and American fashion street shooting everywhere retro atmosphere of luxury clothing jewelry. And this white Versace luxury purse retro trend nowadays followed, front sub clinch gold, embossed zipper head combination underlines its restrained without publicity, a unique vintage flavor. In addition, the soft leather bags containing six cards, a camera bag, compact yet fully functional, elegant ladies necessary funds.

In the above two introduced in sober and elegant characteristics of temperament bag after weeding network now there is a white metallic color and a perfect match of luxury fashion gorgeous bags. The details of the full sense of a small bag, white noodles by hand pressure seam brand classic back-shaped pattern, the middle inlaid square LOGO metal plate, both sides of the butterfly-shaped metal buckle decorated with rivets and screws, a hint of romantic femininity in neutral wind. Packet metal design, with a carrying handle and a single Lingge gold chain braided thong strap, can be portable shoulder, famous origin highlight the excellent quality, fashion Daren favorite.

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