What are the common characteristics of CEOs?

He took the company is willing to challenge the really difficult problems, you have self-confidence challenge others did not dare to do. Mark each year to their task very difficult to kill to eat meat on their own, how many people here that we can do? Of course, I think you will be a little strange paranoid, so I think this strange man with paranoid is somewhat similar . That is why he can be made to Facebook, may not be able to make the rest of us.
We see Facebook in the global lighting, as well as the middle piece of land less bright. But Avamar such entrepreneurs, in order to enter such a market, so much effort. He learned Chinese to participate in the Board of Tsinghua University to make a speech in Chinese every year, he invited leaders visited his room, but also to show his reading and read the book and have a lot of Chinese characteristic socialism, etc., than Google at that time to enter the Chinese hard times. But he worked hard, he was dedicated to go in this direction. Whether he finally successful, here is his interpretation is powerful, paranoid, self-confident, not afraid of difficulties.

Many on Wall Street people will say, Google reason to do Alphabet, just in order to expand the share price, to cut unprofitable business. In fact, we also do not see how this great company ambitions, Google in early business, especially inside the search, a refined artificial intelligence, refining a brain, you lose any data to it, plus some full recognition , you can solve any problem.
For example, you lost your stock data to it, it will stock. Go to chess you lose it, it will go under the. It is not a platform, but this set of technologies, coupled with the number of cattle, is to create 26 or more great company, so Google is actually very strong, his mind is trying to Google the current value multiplied by 26, in all respects, medicine, investment, all aspects of genetic testing to build a great company.
What did he do things? I recently saw at Stanford a recently graduated student, himself wanted to be a teacher, but Google gave him a $ 2.5 million a year of treatment, we do not ever have to see to a doctor to get this offer? this is 2.5 million not in cash, but cash + stock. But the company in order to achieve this goal, to monopolize the world’s top talent, they do not want Facebook or Microsoft dug such a person. You, as company executives have no courage for a person such treatment, the same doctor came in two and give one person more than another ten companies, you can make sense in the company do? Google is not afraid, that’s what they can do Think Big.

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