They love these bags because they are the necessary goods

Paris Fashion Week in full swing, the new bags show floor to see heart straight itch, early wondering which one to start with, but after all, you want to wait a few months, so it would be better to follow the EU Grilled look at the show outside the influx of people love what bag it? These are able to instantly start style, heart water which one soon buy up!

First is that the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel it, remember last season the show floor, “Lafayette” Karl build the airport? Therefore, this series of bags you more suited for travel, lightweight shoulder bag is not only convenient, but also quite wild to see their interpretation of girlfriends wear, not exactly the best demonstration of early spring travel you to do it!

Korean model Irene Kim also chose the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel bag, square design very type, silver also enhances the texture, with boots, leather skirt, jacket printing, a little cool little romance!

Loewe bag these quarters is really out to the streets for hot single product, with style of Puzzle series is an essential influx of people, black and white with Tongshen, turtleneck plus wool coat, Loewe letters printed pants coupled Martin boots also very handsome!

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