The development history of lei jun

As early programmers, who write “deep DOS programming”, “in-depth Windows Programming” code became essential agricultural materials, the achievements of the LEI early reputation. As a professional manager, he and Qiu Bojun WPS carry this banner pole national software, eventually led Kingsoft listed in Hong Kong.

As an investor, investment outstanding, UC and other lucrative (UC returns up to a thousand times), YY, Thunder, cheetahs move successfully IPO. Lei Jun Zhang as large as can be, and thought nothing of yoga, in private yacht on on party, not necessary 47 years of age, remains more than 6 × 12 working hours per week.

However, Lei Jun venture eventually chose again, just because “did not give up a little bit.”

Lei Jun recalled the journey of life, we will find from small to large, LEI are striving to “optimal.” Even during the Wuhan University had admitted to first grade, he still maintained a strong sense of urgency. For example, when he saw some students do not learn nap time, immediately get rid of their own for many years the habit of napping.

However, fate has always seemed like he was joking, the “optimal” Lei Jun, who is always pressure, so that he did not slack off, but always “almost.”

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