There is a problem with company’s development

According to foreign media reports, professional networking site LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman recently in an interview said the sale to Microsoft LinkedIn is a difficult decision. When the company was unable to come up with practical solutions when developing new technologies, we can not compete with Google and Facebook and other large companies. So he was forced to sell to another company British generals technology giant Microsoft.

Hoffman believes that technology companies in order to keep up with Google, Facebook and Microsoft is a big company to maintain long-term competitiveness, we must continue in the future direction of research industry. For small companies, this company great pressure, so many companies chose to sell them to a large group, as a subsidiary, and lost its own characteristics. This is also the development of SMEs can not avoid.

Meanwhile Hofmann also admitted that small and medium companies is difficult to choose short-term gains and long-term benefits. In Microsoft reached with the intention to acquire a year ago, LinkedIn has been in a turmoil. Its face a higher risk of devaluation slowly, looking for large buyers may be more reliable approach. Hoffman said, LinkedIn has a strong competitiveness and advanced technology, but for shareholders, Microsoft’s $ 26.2 billion bid is more tangible benefits for them. Microsoft is LinkedIn the most suitable new home, before facing the pressure will all dissipate, which also allows them to devote yourself to under development.

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