Most worthy currency in the world

From the hour chart trend, the dollar index continued adjustment section inside since June 24 run on a pullback to the 95.30 dollar index trading positions eligible for support steady rise, days still need to focus on the recent range along the resistance, the dollar index short-term there will still be strong again before their breakthrough. The main idea is in line with the recent direction of the dollar index is still weeks it further to see more and do more planning.

From the strength of the currency, the yen has continued yesterday’s rally yesterday, the strongest currency This is it; the euro, the Swiss franc to run Xianyanghouyi pattern, performance was down rhythm, and therefore classified as moderate Australian and Canadian dollars as well as a significant decline in the pound, these three currency pairs is the weakest currency markets; currency strength.

EUR / USD daily chart shock rhythm whereabouts since May 3 good, the previous trading day the euro rebounded Difficult to close out a big Yinxian, limiting further expand the recent rebound in space. With further enhance the euro rebound kinetic energy, the future continues to break recently hit a low probability of further increases. From the hour chart trend, the euro / dollar since June 24 has been oversold bounce pattern running during operation has been repeatedly demonstrated strong continuity of poor operating characteristics, it is conducive to further expand the space next fall. The previous trading day, the euro rebounded to 1.1185 resistance down, because of the current euro zone still can not get rid of adjustment since June 24, so the process is still running days there will be some rebound.

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