Miu Miu new amulet bags will be released in the world’s fourteen boutiques

Meandering fashion colorful tone, and to change untiring, while Miu Miu (Miu Miu) from the beginning of creation that is inspired to capture a part of the charm of the senses restless mood, which formed a major feature of a great variety of works in constantly repeat the same theme in showing a variety of characteristics, and therefore man remembered.

On experiments with the inherent spirit and mentality of youthful and lively attitude – rather refers to age, heart Miu Miu women, intertwined with the apparent contradiction and confrontation attitude.

This is the origin of amiulet projects: This series of bags is like a good luck charm (amulet), each is unique magic, so that people in accordance with their own personality to make a choice.

Paragraph 28 handbags are made complicated fine craftsmanship, but showing a rebellious and provocative aesthetic style.

Separation of different materials and fabrics restructuring made an unexpected effect: deliberately create cracks leather; snake skin combined with a resin material; iconic Matelassé fold leather fabric full of original animal texture pattern.

Geranium pink, blue stars, Morello cherry and papaya and other bright colors instead of the prevalent custom colors, the achievements of briefcases, handbags and flip Bowling handbag color wheel.

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