Listen to this summer’s fashion sense

This paragraph only full three-dimensional grasp fold Wrap, Wrap front panels flat, simple, front panels and side seams by hierarchy grasp fold Baoshen design to create a sense of a large zipper bag and buried deep in the side pockets, strengthening bags storage safety performance.

Angular three-dimensional design, mildly curvature may be the cause of your heart. This paragraph overall sense of strong, large interior space, choose the right models, the right color.

Wrap fabric imported encryption nylon PVC plastic, geology light flexible, waterproof high abrasion resistance, good air permeability. Wow indole also uses SBS zipper head, and mark WOW-INW LOGO, play a security role. Button nylon material, with lightweight characteristics, high mechanical strength, toughness and rigidity.

Wow indole aesthetic and structural data analysis and product capabilities. With reversible thinking designers to create, and then the product of “deconstruction – restructuring” complete continuity, expressing the designer of beauty and practical understanding, modest, caring, not subtlety, in order to bring those who carry original and potential charm.

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