China’s Internet has entered the “second half”

According to data from new American and respect given the last 12 months ended June 30, 2016 in the new American and reach 220 million active buyers, App’s number of monthly active users reached 180 million, the new American and said, both are second only to the user metric Ali Baba, more than Jingdong, ranking second in China’s e-commerce platform.

Meanwhile, in the business side, the US group and the completion of the public comment after business integration and open system, all kinds of platforms accumulated POI (Points of Interest) information has reached 20 million, including the establishment of new types of cooperation between American and achieve business 432 million and covering almost all levels of the Chinese city.

In his speech, Wang recalled, “in October last year after the US group and the consolidated public comment, like two rivers sink together. We spent three quarters of the time basically completed the integration of the team, the team convergence is very important, but also very easy, but the company is always to create value outside, in the past have so many colleagues working together, we have a good foundation, we have completed the integration, access to a higher market share. “

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