Actively serving for farmers’ loans

Zhucheng Wei Min Yangzhou Baoying to family farmers grow food, their contracted 1,500 acres of family farms, since the spring continuous rain in Jiangsu Province, harvested wheat fields can not be dried, agitated Zhu head of the farm. This time, he was going to purchase several sets of drying equipment, but the frustration of funds made a worry.

After flashing the ABC Baoying understand the situation, to help him with the farm machinery dealer communication and contact, coordinating agricultural mortgage-related matters, and finally in early June for the payment of a sum of 720,000 yuan Zhucheng Wei dryer loans to help Zhucheng Wei purchased 10 Taiwan dryer, which is the biggest Baoying agricultural mortgages. Zhucheng Wei smiled and I said:. “Thanks to the support of ABC, I only planted 1,500 acres of wheat is not affected, but also the surrounding nearly 13,000 acres of wheat in good condition to the warehouse.”

It is understood that due to the meteorological department forecast the Yangtze River region more rain this year than in previous years, the behavior of farmers in Jiangsu province to reduce wheat extent affected 3285 acres, from the beginning to actively plan, with the Agricultural Bureau of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu province’s largest farm machinery sales chain – chain Jiangsu agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Xin Su collaboration promotion grant agricultural loans, the deadline to present the bank has been on the 268 agricultural cooperatives and large grain purchase of agricultural loans issued more than 5200 million.

In the course of serving rural areas, the bank asked each branch initiative to strengthen agricultural dealer and jurisdiction, and to participate in agricultural fairs, farm machinery and equipment on-site demonstrations of more than 60 games, exhibition display rack, distribute leaflets, to explain the scene, publicize and promote our bank loans the purchase of agricultural products; while outlets, rural service team by means of three rural village liaison officer visited jurisdiction 5408 agricultural cooperatives and grain planting area of ​​more than 500 acres, more than ten thousand kinds of large grain 2 understand their wheat field chemical control, jointing booting services, production and financial needs, the establishment of accounting information, the establishment of target customers.

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