The founding team has been accelerating the development

Registered in the Cayman court hearing in court overruled the car home, “injunction”, said the transaction can be carried out. Telstra will then update the register of shareholders delivered to Ping An Trust, the formal completion of the delivery. So far, Ping An Trust became the largest shareholder in car home, the majority of the board seats.

On June 26, Qin PL internal mail, “said the company opened a temporary board of directors, and Nicholas I no longer serve as the company’s CEO and CFO”.

On June 27, Telstra responded, hoping to stop the Qin can cause internal information leakage and for Telstra groundless accusations, and hope to continue to maintain good cooperation Qin cause. Subsequently, Qin cause after communicating on behalf of the minority shareholders to the Cayman Islands Court on the complaint. Telstra made the complaint public defense. At this point, the relationship between the Qin and major shareholders caused the verge of breaking.

That same month, car home officially announced that founder Lee would no longer serve as president of car home, leaving only the car home directors, shareholders identity.

People from a financial executive at McKinsey learned exclusively, qichezhijia CEO Qin cause had worked at McKinsey, the share during the battle, Qin cause had help in McKinsey WeChat group. The executives said that for the understanding of the forced acquisition and founding team did not reach the majority of people expressed support for Qin cause emotional.

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