One thing Entrepreneurs should consider

Star Legend WILL future World Congress held today, Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings attended the meeting. Liu stressed that under the current environment, innovation and entrepreneurship to give the State Department, government support, this is not a slogan but a national strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Commenting on the recent British Liu off to Europe, the dramatic changes in the US presidential election, the pattern of the world has a huge uncertainty. He believes that entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, the most afraid of is uncertainty. From the terms of the national level, a comparison between the country’s economic strength is the strength of even the military is also based on economic basis, while the strength of comparative economic strength of the enterprise, the enterprise’s actual strength of the enterprise innovation capacity, as well as the national youth innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship is not a slogan, but the strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Liu recalled the history of the development of China, the change of dynasties from prosperity to decline, ad infinitum, until the West is nothing new emergence of the steam engine, the power of invention, innovation abroad to promote China but this backwater lake, formed a political reform, the world situation The change. About 40 years ago, PC machines have a huge push for the construction of information of the major industries in the world, is to promote the Internet today, the rapid development of mobile Internet, which makes people’s life, work, and society as a whole has been a great promote. This is to bring the power of innovation.

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