International Exchange Rate Shakes Heavily

British “off Europe” event triggered volatility of international currency, the pound, the euro, Australian dollar and other sharp depreciation of the exchange rate, the pound fell to 30 years is low. Exchange rate volatility induced sea Amoy family’s “pink eye” to the European sea Amoy hot again.

Recently, the British pound tumbled against the dollar, ignited the enthusiasm of domestic sea Amoy family to buy British and European goods. The largest ocean pier sea shopping platform data show that in the UK “off Europe” events, doubling sales of European goods, only on the contribution of British goods Liucheng sales.

Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that the end of every 6-8 months, has always been the most crazy discount season in Europe. Currency benefited from the British “off Europe” after the volatility, the equivalent of European goods provided “credit” offer.

Yang said the dock workers, for example, to the classic Burberry trench coat, for example, “off Europe” before it takes 13,757 yuan, “off Europe” caused the pound plummeted the day, the lowest 12,203 yuan can get our hands on, the difference of up to 1554 yuan. LV Neverfull bag, the difference is “off Europe” is also up to around 885 yuan.

However, different currencies against the RMB exchange rate movements different effects on sea Amoy also different. For example, in pounds, when the euro plunged against the dollar also devalued. 4 months late, the US dollar against the yuan reported 6.45 to 6.47; to the end of June, the US dollar against the yuan reported 6.65 to 6.67, within two months of RMB devaluation of 3%, apparently in June to spend more money to buy American goods.

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