Casual and simple american style

The annual Ke Qila (Coachella) Festival again started! As the most watched, most stars and the type of people gathered musical feast is also a lot of people expected. Although we can not feel superior sound waves to the scene to bring the atmosphere, but do not worry, waiting for some time, domestic strawberries, etc. Midi Music Festival will be kicked off. Before the beginning of the carnival, your Festival Style must-have item is ready for it? Let’s take a look at this issue of the fashion blogger Rumi Neely outfit secrets, I believe we will give you a dress with inspiration!

From San Diego fashion blogger Rumi Neely is a hybrid between Japan and Scotland, with a slender model-like figure is not that enviable vest line, a look that bit of fitness people. Look at the Ins Rumi Neely is not difficult to find, dress her in private that no other fashion bloggers so complicated compelling, but in casual and simple American style based.

Look out Look shorts + boots are the most common mix Rumi Neely, empathy this dress is also very suitable for during the festival. In addition, with a crude bandage strap sandals by age jeans, suspenders and tight jeans with a bunt white shoes Look also suitable not only for daily wear during the festival put on the body. In the bag, Rumi Neely tend small handbag or small chain bag, so not only lightweight but also significant figure of the street.

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