The latest shoes and bags will always appear in her taxi

Taxi on the way to work every day, will take a picture, the same day the sun bags and shoes fashion blogger Eva Chen is actually severe Instagram addicts, after the “LUCKY” leave, she went to the favorite Instagram start co-director of the fashion. Eva Chen is a Chinese, not a glance looks amazing, plus refreshing short hair was a bit special. She loves to laugh and easygoing personality, but also let her passion to do their favorite work.

We are looking forward to her day in the car out of the fresh ingenuity with Po, from affordable Everlane to Balenciaga shoes, as well as to a variety of front-line big bag trend of the brand, everything. Eva Chen was busy all day and will not work after upgrading to hot mom, she always took time off to accompany her daughter, she packs a day in addition to sun, sun shoes, sun eat sun cosmetics is the baby of the sun.

Woman for very many, so you can neutral and to be feminine, easily play a variety of match confidence extraordinarily beautiful woman.

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