Small messenger bag is a must-have

In fact, buy bags of it is always a common theme, the girls say, we are willing to make investments in the bag, also from campus school girl to a mature white-collar women, whether big or flat price, everyone’s clothes the cupboard has numerous bags, baths, so what, the summer temperatures and higher and higher, those of you who usually work handbag large enough for school, shopping weekend appointments will need to be a small satchel liberate your hands slightly, so the season has become a small messenger bag you buy buy buy important single product, seals the king for you recommend a messenger bag and two dress with a single product recommendation!

Meet the weekend with a few friends, the United States and the United States put on a dress plus a pair of sneakers or high heels is the best choice for you, do not install too many items, small enough to go out the essential thing is enough, so in the bag You can pick up some bright colors or messenger bag decorated with beads, the shape is so concave up.

In addition to being home to summer dresses, pants but also of the world, holes in jeans and striped pantyhose, suit pants, and so are the hot season pants single product, such as white lily tight leg jeans, canvas shoes, baseball shirt + with a very casual, and then with a small bag is dotting; there are black and white look Song Qian also look feminine, a white shirt + black trumpet trousers tight leg and then with the chain bag, presumably a lot of mature women preferred.

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